Wednesday, 4 January 2012

{What I Wore #10 - PJs!!}

With everything that's been happening with me lately, I thought it was time for a fresh start and so I bought myself a brand new bed, new duvet, new bed linen, new pyjamas and underwear (no more photos of me in my pants though... lol!!).

Here I am in my new pyjamas from good old Marks and Spencers (in the sale too - bonus!).

Charcoal grey jersey nightdress - M&S
Black thermal leggings - M&S
Glasses - Dior

Here's my fab new plum bed linen - again, from M&S!

(Bed is for sale by the way if anyone is interested!!)


  1. Can't beat M&S for quality PJ's. They're the best.
    Obviously I love your choice of colour for the new duvet! x

  2. I am addicted to the colour plum. My pram, curtains, cushions, watch, most items of clothing I own, coat, bag, iPad case, iPad cover, phone cover, cups, coasters, glassware everything is plum! It's a great colour. I would wear those PJs as a dress though! They're gorgeous. Hope you are bearing up. I have been thinking about you a lot xxx

  3. lol, first thing i did was rid myself of the marital bed and slept on an airbed for weeks


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