Sunday, 1 January 2012

{Fabulous Finds: Not On The High Street}

I've previously mentioned my gift drawer, and it's now getting a little empty so I thought I would get a few bits and pieces in the sales.

I love and buy a lot of gifts and things for our home from this site. I also try to find cards and presents that are unique and this is typically one of my first stops. This perhaps isn't so much of a fabulous find, as I'm sure that lots of you are aware of, but hopefully this will flag up some of the sellers that you may have overlooked or some other ideas that you may like.

I normally design and print my own thank you cards for the kids at Christmas, but this year I've chosen some by Pear-Derbyshire and they are so cute... a design with two little reindeer! Hopefully they'll arrive soon and I can start the task of writing them all!

I've also bought this gorgeous necklace by Tales From The Earth for my daughter's first birthday in April this year. His arms and legs are jointed and he really is such a cute little bear. I think he'll make a perfect keepsake and was reduced from £50 to £25 in their sale... bonus!

I also stocked up on some notecard sets from for my gift drawer, including this stamper cards giftbox by lollipop designs. I think it will make a perfect gift, that's if I don't use them first! Again, these are reduced in the sale by 50% from £12.50 to £6.25. There are a few other designs too: dragonfly (for you Becky!!), owl, butterfly, daisy and pigeon.

Another set of notecards I purchased were these little cakes cards by Rosalind Howard Bespoke Stationery. They are 25% off taking them from £5.25 to £3.94 for a pack of 8 cards.

The last item in my order was a reward chart for my son, who is nearly 2 and a half years old. He loves stickers, so I thought this would be a good idea to encourage good behaviour. There is space for 4 tasks each week with a reward (I was thinking extra story at bedtime, or trip to the park). Watch this space and see how I get on... I'm not sure if he's may be a little too young for this but I will give it a go. I'm keen to praise the good behaviour and try to ignore the bad rather than start using naughty steps etc. But this may all change!!

Reward Chart by YoYo-Me (this is the girls version)

What websites do you use for gifts and have you found any bargains in the Christmas sales?


  1. Dragonfly ones sold out :(

  2. There are some lovely things there! I love the thank you cards! I will have to have a look!


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