Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I'm joining in with Kate on Thin Ice again this week for her Grooving Mums blog hop.

Last week I had my weigh in with my personal trainer and...wait for it.... I reached my target!! A number of you have been asking how I did it, so please check out my post on Weight Loss Inspiration which has some more info on the healthy eating plan and has some before and after photos of me.

What have I done this week? Well, I took Kate's suggestion and went and bought some new underwear that fits...
1. Life is Pants – Well it is when you haven’t renewed your underwear for weeks, months, years. This week, how about going and getting measured so you know your correct bra size. Alternatively, go and buy yourself some knickers. Not the big Bridget Jones ones, not the skimpy things he would prefer but something you love the look of. Then take a picture of the knickers or bra or whatever you get and share it with us next week. You don’t have to be in the bra or knickers when you take the picture. Some of us have to crawl before we can walk.
I have taken a photo of me in new said underwear, and now don't have the confidence to show it...sorry.

I'm very happy with my new shape thanks to my healthy eating & exercise regimen set by my personal trainer. The tricky part now is maintaining it. I also need to work on the emotional side of things and get my confidence back up there to match.

I also bought myself a new dress for going back to work. I'm going in for a Keeping in Touch day next week and have nothing to wear as my old work clothes are far too big! Here's what I bought, from the new Gok range at Sainsbury's Tu... It's very flattering and I would never have worn something so figure hugging before (you'll see I'm still covering up my arms though...!).

The second suggestion was to visit the website www.do-it.org.uk...

2. Do It – There is a volunteering website called Do It. www.do-it.org.uk I am not asking you to volunteer although I can highly recommend it. What I am asking you to do is to investigate the site and find out what sort of opportunities appeal to you. That might tell you things about yourself and suggest future directions in terms of hobbies, jobs or study.
I did quite a bit of volunteering in my teenage years for my Duke of Edinburgh awards - helping out at a local creche, getting involved in the local day centre for the elderly... and more recently I went into a few local schools to talk to them about science and how to organise a science project as part of the Researchers in Residence scheme (all this was b.c. before children!). I'm not sure I've got the time for volunteering just now but this is something that I'll keep in mind for the future when the little ones are a bit older. The website is great - you plug in the area you are interested in volunteering and your postcode and it pops up with a list of all opportunities.

Hope all you other #groovingmums have a great week ahead. I'm looking forward to attempting Kate's new challenges.

(Still not sure about posting the underwear photo, but here goes....)


  1. Well aren't you the absolute babe and I reckon I can really promote #groovingmums now with such a lovely figure to show off. Hope to be there myself in approximately 5 years time at this rate but thanks for all the encouragement and I am sure I am not alone in being inspired partly by your journey.

  2. My personal trainer had a client who lost 10 stone in 14 months (from a size 26/28 to a size 12/14) - it can be done and she will have been following a similar regimen to me. It's changing bad habits that's been the difficult bit and I think you need to be in the right mindset to do it. But if you want to make the changes and are motivated then I'm sure you can do it, and I don't think it will take you as long as 5 years by any means. Not sure I agree with the babe bit!?

  3. The mindset is the biggest part I think. I am finding it easy to stick to my plan for losing weight this time around. Not a strain at all and #groovingmums support helping loads

  4. If I could look like that in a photo I would be taking out a full page ad in the Times!

    Congratulations - a real inspiration.

    I love the dress too - do your workmates know that you will come back to work an entirely different size?


  5. Yummy Mummy Alert!!!
    You look amazing, I hope you are suitably proud of yourself.

    You have done really well and to be honest, the hardest part of maintaining your weight is to accept that you haven't dieted, you have taken on a healthier lifestyle.
    It is a change of your habits, eating, exercise and self, I'm sure you will keep it up, knowing the results you are seeing now.

    Well that and there is a photo of you in your knickers on the net! *laughs*

    I wish you continued health and happiness.


  6. Hot mama for sure! You have every right to be proud of all that hard work. Such an inspiration.

  7. This calls for capital letters... *YOU LOOK AMAZING!* Well done, and good for you for posting the pic of you in the panties. I think you are grooving!!

  8. Wow you are looking FAB! You should be so proud of yourself for what you've achieved with your weight loss, and also for having the guts to post up the pants picture! I love your choice of pants too. I would like some like that.


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