Sunday, 13 November 2011

{Personal Shopping}

So, those of you that follow my blog (thank you btw!) will know that I had arranged a personal shopping trip at House of Fraser as a very special treat for reaching and maintaining my weight loss.

My sister and I had an excellent day and I'd highly recommend it - it was a fantastic experience and the personal shopper selected lots of clothes that I wouldn't have necessarily picked out myself. I now have a capsule wardrobe of mix and match items that actually works.

In the private dressing room.

Here are the items that I bought:

Mint Velvet khaki hooded waistcoat

Mint Velvet mocha lace detail tunic with leggings (also works great with jeans)

Warehouse beaded shoulder slouchy tee (with jeans or leggings)

Both these Oasis tops look great with my Mint Velvet Bandage Skirt for work or with skinny jeans & boots for smart-casual.

Mango twisted neck blouse (for work with pencil skirt or with jeans for dinner/drinks)

Warehouse Cowl Pussy Bow Blouse (again, works with jeans or pencil skirt)

I didn't manage to get a pair of work shoes whilst at House of Fraser to complete my collection of shoes but I bought these from Boden the day after....They are so comfortable and stylish... 

Here I am wearing some of the outfits...

Going into work for a 'Keeping in Touch' day wearing

Mint Velvet khaki and stone stripe tee with Mint Velvet khaki hooded waistcoat and jeans


  1. Fantastic! Love the dress & the shirts! I have to book in for one of these when I decide what my weight will be! (or rather, if I can be bothered to diet anymore! You look fab. Also, loving those boots! C

  2. Wow! What a collection, you look lovely . Th mint velvet clothes are really great and also smashing value.

    The Boden boots with the skirt look amazing, I wish I had the courage to wear such gorgeous shoes. Truly a Yummy Mummy xx

    Bet you will have a lovely time choosing what to wear each day now.

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments. Yes, it's a pleasure now deciding what to wear of a morning rather than a chore. Not sure I have the courage either, but I'm going with it and hopefully my confidence will catch up soon!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic day, and such a good idea too. Love that Mango twisted shirt - gorgeous - and will go just perfectly with the skirt or jeans too. Love your boots too. They completely and utterly ROCK!

  5. Hi, I'm Kate and I manage Mint Velvet in Frasers - just wanted to say we all loved your comments. Just a wee heads up if you are looking to add to your MV collection, we are participating in the 20% off on Thurs/Fri next week. Come and say hello if you make it in! Kate


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