Tuesday, 15 November 2011

{A Productive Week}

Yep, it's that time of the week again already and I'm linking up with Kate for her Grooving Mums blog hop.

One of the challenges from last week was to Embrace the Spirit...
"This will mean different things to different people so respond in a way that makes sense to you. It might involve revisiting a place of worship, taking part in a religious festival, meditating, looking at which goddess you most identify why or whatever makes sense to you."
I'm ashamed to admit that I've not done anything towards this challenge... Will perhaps try and incorporate this into a post somehow over the coming week.

The next challenge was Body Fun...
"Do something to your body that you would not normally do. Paint your toe-nails, wear lipstick, colour your hair, wear make-up to take it off for a day if you usually wear it, play around and experiment."
I had booked myself in for a make-up lesson which I thoroughly enjoyed. I picked up a lot of new techniques and for someone who very rarely wears eyeliner I am now feeling more confident at applying it. What a difference it made to my overall look by having some nice eye make-up done! My mum always swore by the mantra 'look good, feel good' and I do believe in this too. I always feel much better when I've had my hair done or my nails painted. I rarely paint my fingernails (I've had them done at salons a couple of times, but I'm rubbish at applying nail polish myself!). I'm going to make the effort to paint my nails this week as I've got another 'Keeping in Touch' Day at my work this week.

I've had a very busy week... I've been continuing with the decorating at my house (in my painting gear just now actually!) and I'm making good progress. I've done a little bit more Christmas shopping and I think I only have hubby to buy for now. My sister came to visit and we had our make-up lesson and personal shopping trip (more on this in a separate post - it was brilliant!). I've been a bit better with the healthy eating (except for the massive sticky toffee pudding my sister and I consumed!!) and I even went on a run on Sunday morning by myself (5 miles!) as running club was too late for us to make our shopping appointment. I got my wedding & engagement rings cleaned at a local jeweller and I put in some of my mum's jewellery to be cleaned also. I'm going to make more of an effort to accessorise my outfits. My sister and I also did a photo session with my kiddies in the park for this year's Christmas card and I was designing it last night on the computer... I've been very productive!! I can't help but think though that this is a case of 'fake it til you make it' as described by Katie over at Dazed, But Enthused.

Unfortunately, part of my tooth has come out... I had root canal treatment on it a few years ago and I think I might need to get a crown which I'm not looking forward to. Ever since the root canal treatment I've been having sort of panic attacks in the dentist's chair. I've never had an issue with the dentist until now. I have to keep reminding myself to breath and try to focus on other things whilst I'm getting my teeth checked. I've got the dentist tomorrow and I'm already not looking forward to it.

Here are the challenges for this week:

"1. Set your own challenge, something that is meaningful to you. Or even better, include a challenge in your blog post that all grooving mums might want to have a go at.
2. Investigate poetry and share a favourite with us whether poetry is something you indulge in often, sometimes or never.
3. Dance whether at an event, in the privacy of your own home or out on a walk with the children.
4. Take part in the Listography blog hop over at Kate Takes 5. It will help us all get to know each other that little bit better."
I'm going to put my thinking cap on regarding setting my own challenge... it might be something like a new personal best for my running, or to attempt something different with my hair style... not sure yet. Poetry is not my thing, but I will do my best to see what I can come up with. Dancing I love...might need to be in the privacy of my own house but watch this space and see what I get up to! I'm also going to take part in the listography... keep a look out for my post.

Hope you've all had good weeks #groovingmums!


  1. Do you ever rest? Inspirational in all you get done in just one week. I don't quite get the make-up thing and wear it only for things like my own wedding but keep intending to experiment but don't have a clue how.
    Do try the challenges that don't feel comfy, you never know, they might move you in totally different directions. I am saying that as I feel I sort of should but no big stick if you don't.
    Take care at the dentist, better to get these things seen to.
    Thanks for linking up.
    Have you seen Britmums are looking for blogs that inspire us. You certainly count on that score as I swear I think of you daily in my weight loss battle.
    See you on Twitter I am sure

  2. Hi Kate..thanks for the lovely comment. No, I don't think I do rest!! Not seen the Britmums thing...will have a look. Thanks for the comment on my poetry post too :-)

  3. Thanks for the mention!
    Blimey you packed a lot in to last week. And I totally agree with occupying your mind while you're at the dentist. I suffer from anxiety in those kind of situations, so I just stare at the ceiling and try to think of happier things (usually ends up being decorating or clothes shopping :)


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