Tuesday, 27 September 2011

{Getting Your Groove Back Tuesday}

Kate on Thin Ice has started a new Blog Hop/Linky/Meme called "Getting Your Groove Back"...

I've been working on getting my groove back for about 3 months now. I decided enough was enough and it was time to make some changes. Out with the slummy mummy (no energy, lack of confidence, negative thinking...) and in with the yummy mummy (or at least somewhere in-between)!

Two questions have been set this week...

1. What song would be best to play a lot whilst attempting to get your groove back?

Kate's song choice is Revival by Annie Lennox. Funnily enough, my song choice is also Annie Lennox! I've got a jogging playlist on my phone and the one song that gets me to up the pace a bit is Annie Lennox 'Little Bird'. Think the image of Demi Moore's amazing body in Striptease when she dances about to this song must give me a boost of motivation!!

2. What can you do to make your body feel better this week?

Here's what I've been doing to get my groove back...

Diet & Exercise...

I have hired a personal trainer and lost a considerable amount of the post-baby flab. I was 13 stone 10lbs after my daughter was born 5 months ago, and I now weigh a trim 11 stone 1lb. My trainer Maria would like me to get to the 11 stone mark, so I have 2lbs left to lose. We've also been keeping track of my body fat % which has dropped dramatically from 39% to 29% (target is 25%). I feel great, have a lot more energy and it hasn't felt like hard work. My advice - ditch the diet, eat regularly, choose the healthy option, drink plenty of water and do a bit of exercise. It's been an expensive way for me to get in shape but I'm very glad I did it as Maria has given me the motivation that I so badly needed. The key now is to get a bit more toned. I'll get some better before and after photos soon (Maria wants to feature me on her website) but here are a quick few:

3rd July 2011

23 Aug 2011

My Wardrobe (or lack of!)...

I've booked myself in for a session with a Personal Shopper for November. It's a complimentary service at House of Fraser and I'm very much looking forward to it. At the moment I have one pair of jeans that fit me well and I also bought an amazing dress from M&S (in a size 10... a first for me!), which I am yet to have an occasion to wear it to, but I couldn't resist it!! The majority of my wardrobe is ill-fitting, shabby & worn out. One item that I am very happy with is my new glasses which I purchased fairly recently - I love them.

On Saturday I did a 1 hour power shop in my local shopping centre and bought some new boots, a new belt (size small!!), a new little black dress, a grey tunic/dress and some new underwear... What a difference it's made having some clothes that actually fit properly.

Socialising & Me-Time...

Last week I had my hair coloured & cut all ready for the weekend as I had a big Saturday night out planned with my girlies! My first in a long, long time! We had a lovely dinner out (I chose the healthy options for started and main, but did indulge in some sticky toffee pudding - yum!). I also had a lovely Sunday morning with the girls at Blysthwood Square Hotel for a cupcake masterclass with Naked Bakes.

This evening I have booked myself in for a lovely relaxing facial... heaven! I've also got a night out on Friday planned with hubby... a chance to wear one of my new dresses!

Good luck to the other mummies that are also working on getting their groove back...


  1. Thanks for joining in. I love how you describe how you were and how you have changed so much on all fronts and so quicky. Quite inspirational to myself and others I am sure.
    I am Kate from the Kate on Thin Ice blog by the way and I really welcome your support for my idea. The before and after photos are amazing as you can see such a big difference. You show that it can be done.

  2. You look amazing! I'm so pleased at the difference it's made in you! There is a very noticeable change, you smile so much more! :) x

  3. Hi Kate - your idea has been a brilliant one. I've still got a long way to go... physically I'm nearly where I want to be but emotionally I think I still have some work to do. It's been a big change becoming a mummy and my journey wasn't plain sailing (son was 7 weeks premature, had an operation on tummy at 4 weeks old & was colicky/cranky until 13 months old). Nice to think that I might be an inspiration to others.

    Thank Becky... I am much more confident & happy now than before :-)

  4. Hi there. Found you on the Getting your Groove back blog hop. Wow! You are an inspiration. Well done on the weight loss. I love the idea of using a HOF stylist. Think I might try that myself. It sounds like you are really getting in the groove.

  5. Wow, you go girl! Congratulations on all the positive changes, look forward to future posts! x

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments... I was ready for the change and I think because I've been in the right mindset it hasn't been hard work. I'm not sure I would have got the same results in such a short space of time without my personal trainer though. It was good to be accountable to someone and I had to answer to her if I didn't follow the plan. I feel much better about myself now.

  7. This is my last attempt, I keep trying to comment on your blog and my comment just disappears?? You sound like you have done loads to find yourself, your weight loass as well si something to be proud of. I can relate to how not having the term baby and all those expereinces stay with you as well we a the mum of a 31 and 34 weeker x

  8. Wowzers you look fantastic! Before I came on here I was googling personal trainers in my area. It's expensive but I need a kick start. Thanks for inspiring me! I'm definitely going to book one now. XXX

  9. @The Rambling Pages - glad the comment worked eventually! Yes it was difficult having two babies that were early, although daughter was 37 weeks which is technically term. You would never know that my son was a premmie though - he's a big boy for his age!

    @storminakcup - it all happened very quickly for me...I said to someone that I was thinking of hiring a personal trainer and they then recommended Maria. I called her the next day and the following week I had my first appointment! There was no looking back and Maria has given me the motivation I needed.

  10. Wow, you should be really proud of yourself! You have achieved so much! I also need a bit of wardrobe inspiration. When we have a bit of spare money (not sure when that will be as I'm increasingly aware of December sneaking up on us again!) I think I will treat myself to some new things.

    Hope you had a lovely time out with your husband :)

  11. @curlymum - thank you. I've done the majority of my Christmas shopping now so feel able to treat myself to a few bits and pieces. I've stock piled gifts throughout the year and only need to get my hubby something and a few other items for the little ones. It would have been a lot to fork out all at the one time!


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