Saturday, 6 August 2011

{Healthy Eating Plan}

I am succeeding with the new healthy eating plan & exercise regimen.  Maria, my personal trainer, has said this week I'm her star pupil (although I'm sure she says that to everyone that's doing well!). I have now lost 1 stone since starting with her, and it hasn't felt like hard work at all. On my holiday last week I was sensible for the majority of the time, but did indulge in some carrot cake and a gorgeous lemon & poppy seed cake (& some birthday tray bake at my son's friends 2nd birthday party when we arrived back at Glasgow!). I think the thing I probably miss most is bread (in particular some nice white buttered toast - yum!)... I've not had any bread since starting with Maria. This is especially difficult when I have to butter toast for my son's breakfast!!

It doesn't feel like I'm on a diet (despite the restrictions - no bread, pasta, red meat, bananas...) because I'm eating regularly (every 2.5-3h) and I don't get hungry.  Breakfast is muesli & lots of berries, mid-morning snack is crudites & hummus or a handful of almonds, lunch is salad (prawn, chicken or tuna) or a bowl of vegetable soup or ryvita with cottage cheese, mid-afternoon snack is yoghurt & berries, fruit salad or an oatcake, dinner is stir fry, fish with vegetables or even chicken curry with brown rice. At the moment I'm enjoying a raspberry jelly as my late-evening snack. The key is to be organised. I try to carry a pack of Food Doctor seeds with me so that if I feel peckish I can have a handful. I picked up some Munchy Seeds at the supermarket the other day, Chilli Mix flavour, and they are yum!

One thing I've struggled with is to drink enough water.  I used to go a whole day only drinking 1 or 2 cups of tea.  Now I'm drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day and decaf tea. Again, it's all about being organised and I try to carry a bottle of water when I'm out and about. My Skip Hop changing bag doesn't seem to be big enough at the moment once it's been packed with nappies, baby wipes, muslin, baby bottle, milk powder & spare clothes for my daughter, nappies, snacks, sippy cup and a few toy cars for my son and then my bottle of water & tub of seeds! It doesn't help that the Glasgow weather is so unpredictable that I also tend to carry sun hats & suncream as well as rain covers whenever I'm out!!

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