Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Review - Nairns Oatcakes

I love oatcakes, and as a family we eat loads of them - more so me and the littlest. She loves a wee oatcake instead of a sandwich at lunch, as do I.

My desk drawer at work is always stocked with oatcakes of some form... this week I've been enjoying Nairns Super Seeded organic oatcakes with tuna - they are just really delicious. I find that at work I'm busy and will snack at my desk a lot, and if I forget to take something fresh, then oatcakes and a wee tin of tuna is ideal for me.
I also have the Nairns gluten-free biscuit breaks in my drawer - the oats and stem ginger ones are fab. My drawer is also stocked with peanut butter, and an oatcake topped with this is an ideal snack to keep me going in the afternoon as I try to steer clear of the sweetie tin!

The littlest loves her oatcakes served with a bowl of soup to dip in, or hummous. Funnily enough she isn't really a fan of cheese!? 

Nairns have some great serving suggestions for little ones, and I particularly love the idea of serving oatcakes with nut butter and apple slices... yummy! Or perhaps tuna and avocado... or for a sweeter suggestion you might like greek yoghurt and strawberries. They all sound delicious and I will definitely be trying these out soon.

Of course, you can't beat oatcakes and cheese. Rick and I love the Nairns black pepper oatcakes for this!

We were sent a selection of Nairns goodies to try, including some Astro Bites for the kids. The Astro Bites are Berry flavour oat mini biscuits and come in a box with five packets. They really are more-ish, and I ended up eating four of the packs before the kids even got near them!! Oops! Needless to say the littlest loved them just as much as I did!

How do you like your oatcakes?

Thank you Nairns for the oatcakes and Astro Bites. Opinions are always honest and are my own.

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