Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - For the Pets

So, I've got two kittens that are going to need Christmas gifts!! You may laugh, but I think it's only fair that they have a little something under the tree (that they will never see as they're not allowed in the living room!).

Anyway, here are my selection of gifts your pampered pet and their owner too...

I used to have this fish bowl for Onion when we were in the old house and I loved that it was stylish so I didn't mind it being out on show. It's expensive but it was really practical (non-slip, easy to clean and each dish is removable so you can top up the bowls without too much fuss) as well as looking good.

Cat Fish Bowl, approx £19 at Amazon

Similarly, this is the same radiator bed that we have for Rhubarb and Crumble (it used to be Onions!). It's practical (for example it opens up and flattens out so it can be hoovered/cleaned) but it also looks good so I don't have to compromise on my interior style.

Jolly Moggy Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed, approx £23 at Amazon

If you really wanted to go all out on a bed, then this dog bed from Joules is just beautiful and it looks so comfy (plus being stylish so will appeal to the owners too I bet!).
Square Dog Bed in Navy Floral, £36.96 for medium sized bed at Joules

I don't have space in my house for a scratching post, so when I saw this hanging scratch mat I thought it was ideal.

After my chat last week about finding the perfect Christmas wreath, then how about this dog biscuit version from BHS?

Bonio Wreath, £10 at BHS

Or how about a personalised treat jar? I thought this one from Not On The High Street is super cute!

With the weather becoming pretty cold now, most small dogs will need a wee jacket to keep them cosy. I love this quilted one from Barbour. Isn't it so cute!

Barbour Quilted Dog Coat, £34.95 at Outdoor and Country

I love these white animal coat hooks from Rose & Grey. This would be ideal for hanging up a dog lead (or a cat harness, if you're so inclined! I remember as a child we had a wee harness so we could take our pet rabbit out for a walk down the street. Crazy huh! Just a shame there isn't a cat version!! You can take your pick from dog, cow, elephant or horse.)

Animal hook, £16 at Rose & Grey

I  have mentioned Snapdragon before in the children's gift guide, but I do just love their mugs. They have an ideal one for dog lovers - you can buy a personalised mug like this one and there are a few other dog breeds to choose from too:

Personalised Pug Mug, £12.50 at Snapdragon

And it wouldn't be Christmas without a squeaky turkey!

Christmas Noisy Turkey Dog Toy, £10 at Marks and Spencer


  1. Hi Sarah! It's me as promised! Always wondered what happened to Onion the cat, did he pass away? Lorraine x

    1. Hi Lorraine! Thanks for saying hello :)
      Onion went back to my sister. He was rather frightened of the kids as he had been used to a quiet house so it just wasn't wirking out. Whereas the new kittens will grow up with my little ones and are much more comfortable in their new surroundings! All going well so far thankfully. They're off to vet tomorrow for their vaccinations. Sarah x

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Aw fingers crossed the kittens vaccinations go well. They do look super cute and glad to hear Onion is well. x

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