Thursday, 18 September 2014

{I want to ride a bicycle}

Progress in the cycling department with my son has been slow to say the least.

We were gifted an amazing red bike from Dale's Cycles in Glasgow in June. It's now 3 months since we collected said bike, and my son still isn't confident riding it. He's very cautious and will cycle holding onto the brake so that he doesn't go too fast.

I'm probably partly to blame because we don't practice enough. He's with his dad half the week, and then when I do have the kids we've generally got things on... school, swimming lessons, classes, catching up with friends... so cycling is low on my agenda.

However, when we were in Aberdeenshire last month sans children, we went for a bike ride and I really enjoyed it. I don't currently own a bike, and I think if my son saw me cycling then perhaps he'd be more inclined to cycle himself. So this is now going onto my wishlist... a grown-up bicycle for me. And then I guess I need to get the littlest one too otherwise she'll never keep up with us. I'm imagining family trips to the park, us all on our bikes. Perhaps with a wee picnic in tow... Trust me to have this inspiration when the weather is turning though!! 

Anyway, Katy Hill has a great YouTube tutorial on teaching your child to ride a bike. I just need to set aside some time to try it out. Fingers crossed I can get my son cycling soon!

Not great quality, but here's me aged 9 with my red BMX for #throwbackthursday. 
This was when we lived in the Middle East :-)

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  1. The weather has been pretty crappy this year. Love throwback you x


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