Monday, 9 September 2013

{Sunday Roundup}

I'm late again... forgive me as I'm swamped... you'll notice why in the first photo!!

Yep, it's 2.5 weeks until moving day. I feel like I've still got so much to sort, but I'm making progress at least, even if it is slow!

The kids and I baked biscuits, and smothered them in Nutella! They were yummy!

The littlest has been hard work... she's very determined and this can be a negative thing at times as she won't listen to me. But we've enjoyed lots of laughs this week. She's getting more confident in the bath and will put her ears under the water. Fingers crossed she's better next time I take her swimming!! Last time it was a bit of a disaster and she clinged to me the whole time!

The kids dad ran a marathon at the weekend, so we were busy crafting him a medal and a trophy.

Sadly enough, I've really enjoyed dancing around to the cheesy tracks on this CD!

 Ooh Ee Ooh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang! :-)

Have you had a good week?

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