Thursday, 11 July 2013

{Throwback Thursday}

This is me, aged 2-ish holding my striped bunny rabbit doll that my little sister gave me when she was born. I loved my bunny rabbit.

Here I am with it, nearly 30 years later:

As you can see, it's been well loved. It's grubby and has holes under the arms (which have been stuffed with tissue paper and re-sewn, badly!). But I still love it!

What was your favourite childhood toy and do you still have it?


  1. Oh I do! Bungo... he's a really old teddy (over 40 now!) I got him when I was 1 year old... I had a really bad fall down a dozen concrete steps and had a lot of facial damage (I also damaged a receptor in my brain but we didn't find that out until I was in my 20s).... anyway, when I was in hospital I got Bungo, he didn't leave my side until I was in my late teens.. he's now safe in a suitcase - he's too tatty to be played with now. Love him!

  2. .. Oh I should say the facial damage healed :) and I am all well x


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