Tuesday, 25 June 2013

{My Hilarious Mum}

Last week I was doing a lot of thinking. 

Friday, the longest day, was tough. 

It was the anniversary of my mum's death. 

12 years.

I miss her every day.

My mother with me as a baby
She would have been 31 years old in this photo - same age as me now

I was doing my best to think of all the hilarious things that my mum did, instead of thinking of all the sorrow, and a few things immediately popped into my mind.

We were very lucky to have a video camera from early in our childhood and we were encouraged to use it. The footage we have is majorly embarrassing, but I'm so pleased that we have all the memories of our mum captured on film.

We were on holiday one summer (I think it may have been at Oasis Holiday Village, which I think is now a Center Parc) and our lodge had a massive spa bath. My mum decided to have some time to herself and ran a hot bath. Next thing, we hear her laughing/screaming from the bathroom. The bubbles had completely overflowed and literally all you could see was her head. The soap had covered the floor and was seeping out into the hallway. Complete mess, but very amusing. And it's all on tape!

My mother was also really relaxed when it came to partying, alcohol, boyfriends etc. I think she would rather have known where I was at all times rather than me sneaking out bedrooms windows or lying which is what some of my friends had done.

Anyway, she went into the local off-licence one evening to get me something to take to a party. She asked the guy what would be an appropriate drink for her underage daughter and he refused to serve her! She came home empty handed!! Highly amusing.

A lot of people don't want to turn into their parents, but I'd be quite happy if I was like mine.

With my friends before our school disco in 6th year - alcopops in hand! :-/

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