Thursday, 10 January 2013

{January Joy - 10th Jan}

I was going to skip today's #JanuaryJoy prompt, 'plan a getaway', because I had tried to plan a holiday for myself for September last year but it didn't happen due to the ongoing stuff with my husband, childcare & lack of funds.

At the time, my thoughts were that I'd complete one of my 35 at 35 items by holidaying alone, and I had initially planned to do a cooking holiday in Italy. It's somewhere I've always wanted to visit, and I wanted to do an activity rather than just lying on a beach feeling sorry for myself! I was also feeling inspired after finally reading Eat Pray Love.

However after speaking to a few people, I changed my mind, and it was suggested I try scuba diving instead. Great I thought, I'd be more active and less likely to pile on the pounds that would have inevitably happened on a cooking eating tonnes of yum food holiday! I spoke with Becky over at The Olive Dragonfly who recommended some resorts, we checked out some prices and I was really enthusiastic about booking a trip... It didn't work out in the end and I never went.

I love to travel and as a youngster my family lived in the Middle East. We were extremely lucky to be able to go on some amazing holidays because flights to the Far East were much cheaper than what they would have been to go from the UK. There I was aged 10, 'surfing' on a boogie board in Phuket and shopping in Hong Kong!! I went on my first solo trip aged 18 - off to America to take part in BUNAC where I worked at a summer camp in Connecticut. I did a little bit of travelling post-camp and I remember vividly coming up from the underground into Times Square in NYC and I was high as a kite - it was amazing!!! I phoned home and could not stop raving about the city - my mum thought I'd been taking drugs! I got engaged when I was on a 6 week holiday to South Africa... another one in a lifetime trip, and our honeymoon saw me return to Thailand and Hong Kong. 

Sadly, after having the kids the holidays have became few and far between and I've never ventured outside of Scotland as a family, instead choosing to holiday at my aunt and uncle's holiday home each summer. It's perfect for the kids and the house is amazing - I'm very lucky. I did go on one trip abroad to Alicante with a friend for a long weekend, which was much needed at the time, but that was nearly 3 years ago. I'd love to go somewhere warm and soak up a bit of sun!!

My next getaway will be much closer to home - a weekend to Aberdeen, where I'm from, to visit my sister and the rest of my family that live there and I'm hoping to go up sometime in March. I'll be going without the kids, as it will allow me to properly catch up with everyone which can be difficult when the kiddies are in tow. Selfishly I'm also looking forward to a change of scenery and a bit of a break from the norm, even if it is just for 2 nights. My holiday with the kiddies will probably be a return trip to my aunt and uncle's holiday home nearer the summer.

So go on, make me jealous... what are your holiday plans? 


  1. Can you not come here?? Or go to Bali and ill come meet you!! It's 3 hours from here! I might be able to swing a weekend!!!? Just a thought

    1. I reckon if I come to you, I'll come when the littlest is a bit older and I'll come for a fortnight. Not sure I'll be able to swing a holiday this year but I can try!!

  2. No holiday plans for this year with a little one due in less than two weeks. Hugs x

    1. My goodness, the time has flown! Good luck!!! How are you feeling?


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