Thursday, 27 August 2015

Review - Breville Blend-Active Pro Blender

I was tasked with creating a recipe using the new Breville Blend-Active Pro Blender on the theme of the Edinburgh Festivals.

This new look personal blender is a lot more stylish than the previous model and looks great on my counter top. Big thumbs up from me.
I decided that I would use some Scottish shortbread in my recipe, which could be crumbed easily using the new smaller attachment and new pulse function. This is a genius little gadget which allows nuts and seeds to be crushed more easily compared to the previous model and it whizzed up the shortbread biscuits easily.

I then transferred the biscuit into the bottle to which I added some raspberries, vanilla ice cream and milk. Within minutes I had the most delicious "Edinburgh Festival" milkshake. The new neoprene sleeve helped keep the milkshake lovely and cool as I drank it. However it was so delicious that it didn't take me long to demolish it!

Sarah's Scottish Milkshake for the Edinburgh Festival

2 x shortbread fingers
Handful raspberries
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
A few splashes of milk

Blitz the shortbread fingers using the small safety blade attachment
Transfer the shortbread to the bottle
Add the remaining ingredients
Pulse for a bit until the milkshake is smooth
Add more milk to achieve your desired consistency
Swap out the blade cap for the lid, add neoprene sleeve and you're good to go!!

Like the previous model, the machine is super easy to use and is easy to clean too.

I still found the problem of blitzing frozen fruit as I did with the previous Breville. The wattage of this newer model is the same, 300W, so there isn't any additional power. (For comparison's sake, NutriBullets start at 600W). I just need to get more organised and pull the fruit out of the freezer in advance of me needing it.

What do you think of the new design?



  1. Nice design - and the milkshake you created sounds awesome!


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