Friday, 12 December 2014

Review - Breville Blend-Active

I was thrilled to be selected by BritMums to review a Breville Blend-Active Family Pack. The kids and I were super excited to give it a whizz! ;-)

If you haven't heard of it before, the Blend-Active is a personal blender allowing you to create one-person portion blending for the whole family. The Family Pack comes with 2 x 600mL bottles and 2 x 300mL bottles.

The concept of this really appeals to me, and if only I could get up a little earlier I would be making healthy smoothies to drink en-route to work or on the school run (I'm yet to do this! With the dark mornings I'm really struggling to get up!!).

Despite it being winter, we decided to make some yummy milkshakes! Fruit ones for me and the littlest and a chocolate one for my son. He's all about the chocolate!

Basically we threw in some ice cream, milk and frozen berries into the bottle (added a dessert spoon of cocoa to my son's one to make it chocolate flavour), attached the blade cap, whizzed it until smooth and then replaced the blade cap with the drinking cap and we were ready to go.

The shakes tasted good (I demolished mine in minutes!), but I've found that using frozen fruit doesn't work all too well. Despite the instructions saying the machine can crush ice, chop tough fruits and nuts I found that with the frozen fruit I was having to blend it for a prolonged period and was worried that the motor was going to burn out.

We had much better success when we used fresh fruit.

The other evening R & I decided to film a quick vlog of me making a healthier smoothie... this time with avocado, chocolate and peanut butter. Watch below to see how we got on...

The Breville Blend-Active Family Pack has an RRP of £40 but it's currently on offer on the Breville website at £29.99. I think for what you get this is good value, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are wanting to prepare bags of fruit in your freezer for blending which is what I had envisaged I would be doing. It was definitely better with fresh fruit.

The machine itself is really easy to use and it's quick to clean it too - big thumbs up. I've been sticking the bottles into my dishwasher. Aesthetically I think it looks good too if you're going to have it sitting out on your kitchen counter. I love the lime green colour and it just happens to tie in with my kitchen colour-scheme!

I received a Breville Blend-Active for the purposes of this review. As always, opinions are honest and are my own.

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