Monday, 16 February 2015

Food - Shrove Tuesday

I just logged into Pinterest on my computer to find that I've got over 5K pins... wow!!

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a few ideas for pancakes seeing as it's Shrove Tuesday tomorrow (Pancake Day).

I'm getting better and better at Scotch Pancakes the more I make them. My son even said that my pancakes were better than that's saying something! (For those of you not in Glasgow, TriBeCa is an American diner that serves up amazing pancakes and waffles amongst other things!). When I was growing up, Pancake Day was all about crepes with sugar and lemon, but when I tried making crepes the kids weren't impressed. They prefer the smaller, fatter pancakes.

The recipe I've been using is Nigella's American Breakfast Pancakes and we serve ours warm with butter, jam and sometimes Nutella if I have any.

But do take a look at all these lovely ideas I've's making me so hungry!!

Will you be making pancakes tomorrow?


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