Thursday, 19 February 2015

Crafting - Washi Tape Inspiration

I am absolutely loving Washi tape. The first tape that I bought wasn't very adhesive, but I've had better success with the mt brand. There is such a huge selection available and I'm struggling not to buy all of them!! I've been using my tape to display my Violet + Percy word garlands, decorate my FiloFax and make envelopes pretty. It did get me thinking though... what else could the tape be used for? So of course I took to Pinterest to find out!

How cute are these mini bunting! These would be ideal for party invites or even to decorate a wee dolls house.

I just love everything about this photograph. The colours, the Washi tape, the star...

I love the polka dot stickers that you can get, but this is just another way of easily decorating a wall.

This is a great way to inject some colour and try a new trend without having to fully commit.

Such a good idea to add a pop of colour, and then when your scheme changes you can very easily change the tape!

I thought this would make good decorations for any holiday... for example hanging little hearts for Valentine's Day or Easter bunnies

Are you a fan of Washi tape, and what do you use it for?


  1. I have a few rolls but have only used it for envelope pimping for all my #postcircle snail mail! These ideas look fab - love the chair legs!

  2. Great ideas! I've bought three rolls but not really sure what to do with it! X


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