Sunday, 15 December 2013

{#ShareAdvent - Remembrance}

This time of year always makes me think of my mum.

I miss her every single day.

I bet there are bound to be a lot of us in a similar situation, missing family members or loved ones and it can be even harder at Christmas-time. So it seems fitting that one of the #ShareAdvent posts has been dedicated to this theme, Remembrance.

My eldest son is starting to understand a bit more about life and death as he gets older, and yet I still struggle to find the right words to explain what happened to my own mum.

I've had questions asking where my mummy lives, and when will she be back. It threw me at first, but I've now explained that my mummy was ill and she's not coming back. 

I spoke to my son's nursery teachers about the situation, and they recommended a lovely book.

Word of warning, don't read it if you're feeling emotional. I was blubbing, big style!

"A little fox is in a big bad mood and is worried that its mother won't love it forever. In this beautiful and lyrical picture book, we see a clever and resourceful mother prove to her child that a parents love is limitless - no matter what."

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