Monday, 29 April 2013

{Meal Planning Monday}

Meal Planning Monday

After a fairly horrendous week last week of tummy bugs and general not eating-ness, I'm back onto the weekly meal planning with Mrs M.

My dad & his wife arrive back tomorrow from the Middle East... this is a permanent move back to Scotland. Yippee!! I'm so delighted to have them back. They were in Trinidad for a few years, followed by a few more years in Oman... and it's felt like forever!! They're going to be staying with me until Friday, so I'll probably not plan too much in terms of meals as I'll see if there's anything they'd fancy.

I didn't do fantastically with the Fish is the Dish Healthy Happy Hearts challenge last week as I was ill and didn't eat much more than a few crackers, but I'm back on it this week.

I'm trying to improve my diet in general, not just increase my intake of fish. It was getting ridiculous the amount of cakes and chocolate that I was consuming! To get me back into good habits I am keeping a food diary. Don't get me wrong, I will still eat cake... just not as much!!

Monday (just me) - smoked salmon, scrambled egg and Food Doctor pitta bread

Tuesday - might get some take out with my dad & Jo... fish and chips perhaps as this is something I know they have missed!

Wednesday - omelette & salad

Thursday - smoked mackerel pate for the grown-ups maybe (I've still not made this despite it being on my plan for a number of weeks now!!) and fish with vegetables for the little ones

Friday - decorate your own pizza

Saturday - pasta bolognese

Sunday (just me) - something from the freezer

What's on your menu this week?

Do pop along and have a look at the other entries on Mrs M's blog, you can find them here.

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