Wednesday, 11 January 2012

{Things I'm Loving Right Now}

It's my birthday on Saturday.... the big 3 0 !!!

I'm having a group of my girlfriends to my house for some nail painting & drinks whilst we get ready for the night ahead, then we're off into town for cocktails followed by dinner, and then probably more cocktails and perhaps some dancing. Under the circumstances, I didn't really want to go out and had planned to just have some cocktails in the house but a few friends have said I'll regret it if I don't celebrate my thirtieth properly so we're now going out! My sister, @the_grey_house, has sent me a gorgeous dress in the post with some matching nail polish so I'm all set! (I have to say I'm yet to try the dress on, but I'm sure it will be perfect!).

So here's what I'm loving right now...

Black sequin dress... this isn't my new dress but it's very similar, but I'm sure I'll post a photograph from our celebrations for my next 'What I Wore Wednesday' entry. My sister is extremely thoughtful and it was so lovely to receive such a nice gift in the post {image source}

Me-time... I'm getting my hair done tomorrow at a local salon and then on Saturday I'm going to spend the day getting ready for my night out. The kiddies are going with their daddy for the afternoon & staying overnight at granny & grandpa's so I'll be able to have a relaxing bath without interruptions!! I normally get 2 minutes in the shower if I'm lucky!!! {image source}

Friends... 14 of my close friends are coming along and I'm looking forward to catching up properly with them all {image source}

Mojitos... my current favourite cocktail is a raspberry mojito and I even got a little pouch of syrup in my Christmas stocking for making raspberry mojitos at home! {image source}

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