Wednesday, 11 January 2012

{My New Groove}

That's right, Im linking up again with Kate on Thin Ice for her #groovymums blog hop. Check us out here and find out what we're all about...

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I had hoped to go for a run yesterday, but I ended up not having enough time (probably an excuse... I should have just made the time!) and I had thought I would go today, but I've been lazy. I am however going to my Pilates class tonight so at least I've done a little bit of exercise! 

Healthy eating-wise I've not been great. I've been eating too many processed foods and not enough fruit & veg. I'm working on that though and I'm sat here munching my way through a fruit salad (pre-packed, but it's a start!).

I'm 30 at the weekend so I have a big night out planned with my girlfriends... dinner, cocktails and dancing! Despite the rubbish time I've been having of late, I will go out and do the best I can to enjoy myself. I can't remember the last time I let my hair down and went dancing (possibly 2 years ago...yikes!!).

I've posted my 35 at 35 list... I'm now committed to achieving all 35 things and I've already started one of them which is redecorating my bedroom.

Thinking a bit more about Kate's challenges from last week, we spoke at my support group last night about negative thinking and how to make changes. I've got some 'homework' that I'm going to do tomorrow - it's a video that I'm going to watch on my phone whilst at the hairdresser tomorrow... It's called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and you can watch the documentary here - it might be of interest to some of the other #groovymums out there.

Here are Kate's prompts for this week...

1. Body – Lotions and Potions. What is in your bathroom of the creams and pampering products variety. Nothing. The same old thing or something new? Is it time for a lotions and potions revival?
2. Mind – What are the very best things about you? Try and write down 5 of them. Now stop putting yourself down and beating yourself up. What is brilliant about you? You are reading this for a start but there is so much more to you. Why not let the world see it a bit more? How could you achieve that?
3. It is World Religion Day this week. Has religion featured in your life and if so, how? Have you left it behind? Does it interest you? What can you tell us about your own religious beliefs? Does religion cause more harm than good? Let us know what you think.
4. Blogging – what good could you do with your blog? That’s a really open question so you have plenty of scope to answer it in a way that makes sense to you.
5. Big Question – who can you ask to help you? Who can you delegate some of your tasks to?
Catch up with me next week to see how I got on...


  1. Enjoy the dancing, and happy birthday for when it comes!

    A proper girls' night can do wonders for the soul, I reckon.

    Thanks for the video, too. I'll get stuck into it pronto.

    Good luck this week!


  2. I love the fact you're focusing on lots of positive things for the future. Lots of great things to look forward to.
    Have a super birthday on Saturday. :0)

  3. Well done you, you are certainly focusing on all the positives. Hope you have a wonderful birthday x

  4. Have the most fantastic birthday at the weekend with lots of laughs and happy memory making moments that can only come from nights out dancing with girlfriends! After that detox with the fruit and veg and exercise and that way you have successfully achieved everything :-) xxx


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