Saturday, 26 November 2011

{Things I'm Loving Right Now}

Smokey eye make-up. Following on from my make-up lesson I've been trying to practice my make-up techniques! In fact, I'm loving all things grey particularly for interiors{image source}

Baking, and in particular, baking cupcakes. If I could bake all day long I would... but then there is also the slight problem that I love cakes, so it wouldn't be good for the waistline! {image source}

Painting. Well, I'm not so much loving the actual painting but more the outcome of my painting! I'm getting there but it's been a long slog! {image source}

Christmas. I am super excited about Christmas this year. I love decorating the house, choosing gifts to give to friends & family, eating lots of nice food and spending quality time with our family. We are hosting this year so I'm busy painting my dining room in the hope that I'll have it finished in time! {image source}

Sewing. I have been sewing cafe curtains for my dining room and back porch... they're all done now and I really did enjoy making them myself... rather satisfying! I've now got a pattern for a little girl's dress and I'm going to attempt to make my daughter a dress! Watch this space! {image source}

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