Tuesday, 8 November 2011

{Groove on/off}

I just wish there was a button to switch my groove back on... I naively thought that with a bit of weight loss and a sprinkle of positive thinking that I'd be back to my usual self, but it appears that's not the case.

I've been a busy bee since my last post, and this week is going to be the same if not even busier.

Yep, I'm joining in again with Kate's Getting Your Groove Back and here's my update for the week...

I've still been absolutely rubbish with the healthy eating and exercise. I'm very disappointed in myself and I think I've been feeling a bit 'meh' as I've not had the endorphins rushing around my body as I would normally have after doing a few runs and attending a few exercise classes.

That said, I'm just back from a session with Maria my personal trainer, and despite my worst fears, my weight has stayed the same. I'm very happy and I'm not sure how I've managed it! I guess my metabolism must be greatly improved and despite not doing any running (I also missed Pilates class last week due to a cold), I've been decorating the house and rushing about doing chores so I've been active at least.

I've been getting on great with the improvements with the house. I'm wondering if we might end up moving soon to get into a better catchment area for schools (my hubby doesn't agree with me, and this might be my controversial post but it'll need some work). So I've been doing a spot of painting and decorating, and also had the sewing machine out making cafe curtains. Here are my photos so far:

Dining room window before - I was fed up of the vertical blinds

Fabric I purchased at Remnant Kings Curtain Warehouse and paint swatches

Mother-in-law's sewing machine

My cafe curtains (this room is still to be painted!)

The grey paint in action

Nearly finished the grey back porch

Two potential paint colours for bathroom

I'm child-free today so I have a lot to be getting on with, so I'm going to stop my rambling there. This week is the treat I've been waiting for after my hard work with the diet & exercise. I've got a facial tonight, getting my hair done on Thursday, having a make-up lesson and personal shopping trip at the weekend. Yippee! I literally cannot wait!!!

Will catch up with you other #groovingmums when I have my tea break!!


  1. Your curtains look great. I am trying to shift some work today so I can continue stripping wall paper from our bedroom and hallway. We had the house reqired this time last year and still need to redecorate. I am having a surprise 40th bday for t'husband a week on saturdayand the landing/stairs carpet comes a week today so I am on a mission, only I have just realised the plugs in the bedroom still need rewiring as the electrician 'oh sorry love, I forgot those'. its not looking good to get an electrician in in the space of a week though which is a real arse as the lower wall will need chanelling -pah. I do not want to be redecorating with new carpet down!

    Well done on the weight, decorating and household chores are going to help keep you active.

    As for the moving and schools thing, I must admiut when we moved where the house was in relation to schools did have a huge impact and a friend of mine has told me something that has em greatly concerned and infact it may become a my controversial blog post, thanks for making me think of it :)

  2. Love the fabric for the cafe curtains. So cheerful - and am in awe of you making them too. It must feel so satisfying.
    Have a wonderful weekend with the make-up lesson and personal shopping trip. Sounds such a fabulous thing to do - I'm even excited for you!

  3. I've been painting again today so I'm slowly getting there with the redecorating. I'm finding it very therapeutic and it's great to see it all coming together. I'll be so pleased if I can get it done and dusted by Christmas as we're hosting this year :-)


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