Thursday, 27 October 2011

{Christmas Wrapping - Done!}

I had created some Christmas printables that I had shared previously, and it was my plan to use these to create gift tags for Christmas gifts.

Here is a photograph of my first wrapped Christmas gift... (My tag is slightly different from the free one because I have personalised it to say who it is from and I've blurred out our names for the purpose of the blog. I've also have a different style of tree, but unfortunately due to copyright I can't share this one with you so I created my own tree instead in Illustrator). If I've time I'll try and create a few more Christmas printable designs that I'll share with you.

I've bought a few rolls of brown paper (I love brown paper!!) from my local Post Office, add to that a few bright ribbons from Country Baskets and my tag and I'm sorted!

How are you wrapping your Christmas gifts this year?

P.S. I'm not wrapping all my Christmas presents just now - I just did this one as a prototype to show you!!

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