Friday, 18 November 2011

{Tell me about yourself...}

I've been given an award by Melksham!! *blushes* Thank you very much for the tag.

And here it is... (do I need to do an acceptance speech? lol)

The rules are to share 7 secret things about yourself and then tag 15 other bloggers to do the same. 

Sounds simple? Well, I've fairly recently done a Seven Things post, I've also done the A-Z of me and I did Kate Takes 5 listography on 5 random things I like just the other day so I'm not sure how many things I've got left to share at the moment.... but here goes...

1. I had a pet hamster called Bart (I also owned the Bart Simpson CD album...I was a Simpson's fan back in the day!!) but I was a bit rubbish at looking after him. Thankfully I'm better with my children!

2. I ripped my sister's favourite skirt that I borrowed (accidentally when I was drunk on a night out) but then hid it from her in the back of my wardrobe for a number of years. She knows the truth now. Sorry Ali.

3. My taste in music is not great (you could probably have guessed this secret by my answer to No.1)... my CD collection includes The Spice Girls, Steps, Venga Boys, Hanson... 

4. I love online shopping... (Mastercard will be aware of this secret, as is my hubby!).

5. My favourite chocolate bar is a Crunchie, just like Melksham Mum who tagged me. However, I cannot eat this quietly (drives hubby insane) and so my second favourite is a Double Decker (much quieter!)

6. I have a thing for red-heads. My first proper boyfriend was a red-head and hubby is strawberry blonde.

7. Despite being a bit clever and having a PhD, I am rather lacking in common sense! That's not really a secret though!!

Right, and now to pass the award on and tag some other bloggers...

Not sure I have 15 to tag, so hopefully 5 will be acceptable?

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  1. Hahahahaha no 7 is hilarious. My OH has a PhD and no common sense either!! You intelligent types obviously use all your brain up on the clever stuff! Thanks for joining in. Your blog is very lovely and pretty by the way x x


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