Tuesday, 20 September 2011

{Seven things...}

So, I've been tagged by @SAHDandproud to write a meme.  I didn't have a clue what this was... and had to google 'meme' just to be sure!! (I'm very new to blogging, Twitter etc). I've checked back with @motherventing and here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger that tagged you and link back to them
  • Share SEVEN things about yourself. 
  • Pass the award along to 15 other blogs.
I've just recently started using Twitter (feel rather clueless still...) and started following @SAHDandproud. Really been enjoying his blog posts, in particular a recent one on 'The A-Z of Me' which I might do myself at some point... So thank you for following me in return & for tagging me for this meme.

Right, onto the seven things... I'm not sure that I'm that interesting to be honest, but here are a few things that you won't know about me, in no particular order.  I'll let you be the judge if it's interesting or not!!

1. I'm a scientist (currently on maternity leave with baby #2) and have a PhD.

2. When I was a child my family moved abroad & I went to an international primary school for P5 and P6.

3. I wish I told my mother how much I loved her. Now it's too late & I didn't even say goodbye, even when I knew she was dying. I regret this so much.

4. I'm not a natural blonde.

5. I love spreadsheets. I created the most amazing spreadsheet for my wedding planning & love nothing more than creating address labels using mail merge. One of my best Christmas presents as a child was a box of stationery - notepads, pens, hole punch, stapler.. I'm a stationery geek.

I bought this mug for myself... sad, I know!

6. I like to learn new things.  I've completed a number of night classes since moving to Glasgow... Interior Design, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Cooking with Style & Presentation, Digital Photography 1 & 2 and also a Studio Photography class. I'm going on a Cupcake Masterclass this weekend too!!

7. I have Crohn's Disease.

Finally, I need to tag a few more people to complete the same meme... Not sure I have fifteen that I could tag, but here are a couple:

Looking forward to reading some more Seven Things...


  1. Oooh now I know you like classes I'm excited! I always want to do those things but have no one to go with! I'm rubbish at doing memes but I will try :)

    Good for you on a PhD. I always wanted one but I hated getting my post-grad degree so much I gave up that idea!

  2. I've gone on all the classes myself previously but have 4 friends joining me on the cupcake one this weekend. Not sure if I have time for classes these days though as I'm starting Pilates group in Oct & have joined a local running group too. One off classes should be manageable though :-)

  3. Reflexology? What a great skill to have. I wonder if you can reflexologise your own feet??

  4. Wow!! I LOVE the mug! How cool is that?!
    And yikes you are a clever one! :)

  5. @mammasaver - Unfortunately you can only do the reflexology on your own hands...not feet. I should have sent my hubby on the course so that I could benefit from it!

    @Love in the Nest - the mug was from Urban Outfitters. It's a great size too for a nice big mug of tea! Clever... I suppose so, but not sure I've that much common sense!!

  6. Wow. That's a great 7 things. Glasgow Mummy, you are a very inspiring person. I love your get up and go!

    Funnily enough, I'm a complete stationary junkie too. Notebooks are my weakness - but then I don't want to write in them because I want to keep them perfect! Check out the Kate's Paperie website...fabulous for stationary junkies!

  7. I've been having a clear out of my attic and I've come across a box of keepsakes and stuff from when I was a child. One of the things is a notebook which I haven't written in because I wanted to keep it nice! I do that a lot!! Will definitely check out that website...
    Nice to think I'm inspiring... don't really feel like little me could inspire anyone but there seem to be a few people that have said I've been inspiring them a bit which is lovely.

  8. Omg! where can I get a mug like that! :DDD I also love spreadsheets hahaha When I went to college I did a spreadsheet for clothing combiantions haha and now at work my colleagues always joke that if i am stressed all you need to do is give me a problem and a spreadsheet to make me happy LoL

    1. I got mine in a gift shop in London, think it was Urban Outfitter. I'm moving house just now and surprisingly I've not started a spreadsheet as yet... very unlike me!


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