Thursday, 17 November 2011

{Listography - Top 5 Random Likes}

Kate on Thin Ice suggested we take part in Kate Takes 5 Listography this week as one of her #groovingmums challenges.  I LOVE lists!!! The topic this week is the "Top 5 Random Things I Like"...

So, here goes...

1. Pick n' mix sweets, preferably fizzy sour ones (I would go as far as saying that I was addicted to these about 8/9 years ago)

(BTW it's taken me nearly 30 minutes to think of item #1 so goodness knows when I'll finish this post!!!)

2. Completing forms (just like The Mother Experiment)... when I was little I'd get forms from the Post Office, or where-ever I could get my hands on them, and take them home to complete in my neatest handwriting. Sad, I know!

3. Paper... Coloured, patterned, plain, glittery... I'm very much into crafts and I have a few box files of various bits and pieces of paper (although sometimes I like them too much to cut them up & use them!). At my primary school there were two class visits one year.  I was very jealous of my friends who went to the paper factory.... where did I go I hear you ask... the fish factory!!

(Starting to really struggle to think of more things now...)

4. Being snuggled up in a sleeping bag (doesn't necessarily need to be in a tent!!)... For a while my boyfriend (now hubby!) knew never to call me on a certain evening (think it was a Wednesday) between the hours of 9 and 10pm because I'd be tucked up in my sleeping bag lying on my living room floor watching Sex & The City and munching on a big bag of pick n' mix!!!

5. Movies and books that make me cry.

Done...phew! That was way more difficult than I thought it was going to be!!


  1. The fish factory? They sent primary school kids to a fish factory? How terrible! Thanks for the mention.:-) I think you're right about the hand-writing thing because I detest filling forms online.

  2. I like number 4 in particular. Shame once you let them move in, that these sort of pleasures are rare events.

  3. @The Mother Experiment - Yes, fish factory!!! It was not a pleasant experience I'll tell you! Would have much preferred the paper (they also got a box of free paper home with them and I was gutted...I didn't even get a fish finger or anything to take home with me!!)

    @kateonthinice - I know - very rare indeed. It was a great idea for a challenge btw.


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