Monday, 29 September 2014

{Hair & Beauty: Growing out my fringe}

Since my last visit to the hairdressers (Ellen Conlin in Giffnock if you're interested!) which was in the middle of August, I've been growing out my fringe. I was able initially to wear it down, but it's now been 6 weeks and I have to do something with it as it's totally in my eyes :-/

At the hairdresser

The two hairstyles that I've been wearing are these...

Fringe pinned up with a side ponytail

Fringe pinned up with my hair down

but I've been scouring Pinterest for some inspiration for other styles to try as I'm starting to get bored!!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

{Fashion Update: Running Leggings}

I've really not had much luck lately with my clothes.

The elastic waistband on my Nike running leggings has sort of fallen apart a bit and they've seen better days. They are 3 years old, so I guess it's to be expected. I have a few pairs of capris and one pair of shorts, but with the colder weather approaching I could be done with a new pair of full length leggings/tights for running, and here's what I've come up with:

Which are your favs? Where do you buy your workout gear from?

Saturday, 27 September 2014

{Striking Mums - Being Different}

Kate on thin Ice Striking Mums

This week for #strikingmums Kate has talked about being different and she has posed a number of questions for us to consider.

Are you different and, if so, how?

Yes, I think in many ways I'm different. I remember my mum telling me and my sister not to be a sheep and to do our own thing; not follow the crowd. Physically to look at me I think my height makes me look a bit different...I'm taller than your average girl at just under 6 foot. The other day my colleagues were taking the piss about my accent (in a fun way, not a bad way!). I was brought up in Aberdeen, Scotland but then aged 9 we moved abroad to the Middle East for a year and a bit. My best friend was American and I came back to Scotland with an American twang. Couple this with some time spent in Edinburgh and then 10 years in Glasgow and I have a unique accent. My colleagues seemingly think I say 'spider' weird. Anyway, I also remember coming back from our time abroad, where we were very lucky to travel and see the world, but I would get mocked by my school mates because most stories I had started with 'When I was in Doha...'. But then in other respects I'm not different... I'm a single mum, juggling the nursery & school run with work, worrying about finances, trying to keep up with housework etc and wondering if I'm doing a good enough job. 

Do you celebrate your uniqueness or strive to fit it?

No, I don't strive to fit in. I am who I am. But it's taken me a while to be confident enough to say this out loud. I love my height... I wear massive heels and it doesn't bother me if I'm towering above everyone. I just have a better view ;-) I love my accent and I wouldn't want to change it. I don't care if I say words the wrong way, or a silly way. And everyone just has to put up with my crazy stories!

Are you ever judgemental of other mums who are different from you? Answer honestly even if only in your own head.

I would love to say that I don't judge others, but of course I do. 

Not specific to mums though. I see people out and about wearing clothes that don't fit them well or have hairstyles that don't suit them and I think in my head 'that doesn't look good' or whatever. Don't get me wrong, I've been there myself... my 'pies' hanging out over my jeans for example (this is what I referred to my back fat as! I have learned to buy high waisted jeans!!)... or some of the insane hairstyles that I had growing up. One of my colleagues commented that my bob when I was in 5th year of school made me look like a man's you know what. I just wish that someone had told me! 

I try and not judge other parents... it's a tough enough job as it is. But sometimes it's difficult not to. I remember seeing a mum on a bus and her toddler had a baby bottle full of Irn Bru. Sorry, but I judged her.

What would you like to be different about you?

I would like to lose a bit of weight and to tone up my body. This is for no-one else but myself...My clothes are getting too tight and they're not sitting well. I felt really self conscious when I was at my cousin's wedding the other weekend because my dress was a bit too snug around my thighs (hence why all the photos of me are top half only!). I know that I'll be a bit more confident when I reach my target.

I also wish my general knowledge was better. Sometimes I can be a bit blonde (and I'm not even a natural blonde!).

Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can say I don't want anything to be different.

Have you even been attacked or bullied for being different? How did that affect you?

Thankfully no, I've never been bullied. 

If you had to write an advert for yourself as a limited edition, what would you say to make people think you were great?

Hmmmm...I'm not very good at blowing my own trumpet.

Friday, 26 September 2014

{Love The Little Things}


It's Friday and this means it's time to join in with Morgana at But Why Mummy Why's weekly linky "Love The Little Things".

Here goes...


This week I've been catching up on an old school friend's blog, The Girl From Clapham. She has some hilarious posts that you must read... this one is a fav about being caught out in a nightie. I recently got locked out of my house in a nightshirt, disaster. But it was nowhere near as bad as my friend's experience! Do read on and find out what happened to her!


I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos this week, trying to get inspiration for my own channel. I just wish I had more free time so I could learn more editing techniques etc.


The bag that I won from Jaeger has arrived and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm yet to use it, terrified that I'll ruin the lovely leather. So for just now it's in it's special dust cover bag in my bedroom and every so often I'll have a sniff! I feel very lucky - that's two brown leather bags I've won in the past month or so!


I had some work colleagues over to my place last night for leaving drinks for Lee Ann. She's away home to Malaysia after 14 years in Glasgow. Anyway, we had lots of fun dancing around to some cheesy school disco music. Lee Ann had never heard the Superman song, and so cue all the girls doing the moves in my living room... with disco lights and everything!! I know how to throw a good party :-/


I actually can't think of a single thing that I've made this week which is unlike me *racks brain* Nope, can't think of anything. I'll try harder for next week, promise!!

and Lastly...

You know I mentioned that we are considering getting a kitten, well I think that we may go and look at some kittens next week with a view of getting one soon! Eek, super exciting!!!

{Asda Haul for Children's Clothing}

Over on YouTube right now is a vlog of my recent Asda Haul of children's clothes. I had gone to Asda to get a pair of these amazing Disney leggings for the littlest after my friend Heather told me about them, but alas they didn't have her size available.

Whilst I was there I picked up a few other bits & pieces. Here's what I bought...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

{Love Scotch Lamb Food Festival}

At the weekend the kids and I headed to SWG3 on Eastvale Place, Glasgow for the Scotch Lamb Street Food Festival.

The aim of the festival was to showcase the versatility of lamb and inspire the guests, journalists and bloggers, with some exotic lamb dishes.

Pop-up dining pioneers 'The Street Food Cartel' were serving a special menu from four of their most popular street kitchen stalls...

Scoop Silver Bullet
Braised neck fillet of lamb, ras el hanout, pomegranate & sultana cous cous

Antojito Cantina
Barbacoa lamb in soft tacos with sour cream, guacamole & pico di gallo

Lamb massaman curry with jasmine rice, Thai prawn crackers, crispy shallots, peanuts & herbs

So La Ti Dough
Lamb shoulder slow roasted in the wood fired oven with vine tomatoes, rosemary and garlic. Focaccia baked to order.

The food was amazing. I tried the first three of the dishes, not having enough room to even attempt the last one unfortunately! The kids had the braised lamb and they thoroughly enjoyed it - they weren't keen on the pomegranates though. My son had some of the lamb from my taco and the littlest just had a plain tortilla wrap. All the lamb was melt in the mouth, and the flavours were brilliant. Lamb isn't something I would normally cook, although we did take part in a Love Scotch Lamb recipe challenge the other month and we cooked two lamb recipes here in the Glasgow Mummy kitchen. But the lamb here was just so tender compared with the lamb I cooked at home. I obviously need to practice! Thankfully we were given away a cookbook so I can read up and perfect my skills!

We also enjoyed some smoothies. I had coconut and oreo cookie. It was divine!

The kids were given a free apron :-)

Littlest in her princess dress!

My son doing his own vlog!!


I didn't get to enjoy the cookery demos as the kids weren't happy to stand for that long - it may have been better if there were seats available - and as such they were a bit noisy so I whisked them away as I didn't want to disrupt the demo for the rest of the guests. There was a children's area with colouring in sheets and pencils but I think this could have benefited from more activities and things to do to keep little ones amused.

All in all it was an enjoyable experience and I have certainly been inspired to use lamb more.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

{Ice Bucket Challenge and MND Scotland}

The ALS MND Ice Bucket Challenge was started to raise awareness and money for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association in the UK and the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association in the US although a lot of people started to donate to other charities too.

Motor Neurone Disease is a group of illnesses that cause damage to the nerves (motor neurones). These are the nerves that control our muscles. Initial symptoms are muscle weakness. Different muscles may be affected in different people, so some may have trouble walking or lifting their arms whilst others can struggle to speak, chew and swallow. The disease gets worse with time and may also spread to other muscles. Sufferers can lose the use of their limbs or parts of their body.

I was nominated for the challenge three times, and with much consideration I had decided not to participate. I was of the opinion that throwing a bucket of ice over my head wasn't going to achieve anything as there were so many other videos already out there. When I had seen that people had injured themselves, and I think someone even died participating (not sure if that was a hoax or not) then I was keen for the challenges just to stop.

That was until my friends Peter & Jenn came to Glasgow from Newcastle for the weekend and I was sort of forced to participate. Peter was the first to nominate me!

It was absolute carnage.

I had explained to the kids that R was going to pour cold water over mummy's head and got them watering cans full of cold water so they could join in too.

Both they and I did not anticipate just how cold it was going to be. Cue my screams, and then lots of screaming and upset from them as they thought I was hurt or something. My son, bless him, went after R and tried to defend the clip below to see what happens! I suggest you turn down your volume though if you don't want to be deafened!


The most important thing though is to donate. I donated to MND Scotland. You can make a contribution to them by texting ICED14 £5 to 70070 to donate £5.

I didn't nominate anyone, but I ask you to please watch this... it's the last ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that you need to see: