Monday, 20 July 2015

Hair - Time for a Change

I used to change my hairstyle frequently as I was growing up... you'll see them all here in this post from my archives. I had short hair then long hair, fringe then no fringe, short, spiky hair then long, smooth hair... and I've gone through various colours too! However for the past few years I've been growing my hair and haven't had more than a trim. I've also managed to successfully grow out my fringe (I started in August 2014, so that's been nearly a year!!). I have been feeling a bit 'meh' about my style recently though and it was definitely time for a change... there seemed to be a disconnect from my grown out fringe and the rest of my hair - I was keen to have a cut that brought it all together.

Back I went to Ellen Conlin in Giffnock for a colour and cut.

Settled in my chair ahead of my colour consultation. We decided to stick with the blonde highlights but to add some darker slices through the mid-section to give some depth to the layers.

This is me before!

Colour is on and I'm enjoying a wee glass of fizz (I wasn't driving!)

Time for the cut

Ta da... the finished hairstyle #salonselfie 

Later that evening Rick & I were out to celebrate being together for two years... cheers!

I absolutely love my new style. Here's hoping I can get it to look this good when I style it myself!!


  1. Looking fabulous!
    Congrats on the two years x

  2. Oh I love it, you look awesome! And happy anniversary x


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