Monday, 13 April 2015

#LittleLoves 13

I'm totally out of sync with my #LittleLoves posts, but here is this week's contribution...

// Watched

I enjoy books and films that are real to life. I seem to be drawn to films about affairs because I want to try and understand why someone would have one. I watched Closer and The Other Man on a rare weekend night to myself.

Closer - Two couples meet, cheat and deceive each other

The Other Man - the story of a husband who suspects his wife of adultery, and sets out to track down the other man in her life

// Heard 

Lots of laughter this week (and the odd tantrum too!). I've had the kids for 10 nights over the Easter break, and now they are with their dad for 10 nights. I'm looking forward to catching up on sleep, my blog and getting back into a routine again at work after a week off at Piperdam (more on this in a vlog!). I also need to get back onto healthy eating as my weight has crept up a bit!

// Made

Easter Crowns for the last day of school...

// Wore

I treated myself to my first Urban Decay palette... I went for Naked 2...

// Read

I read Psychologies magazine whilst on a work trip to Bristol...

// And lastly...

This is why you should never work with children... the out-takes at the end are hilarious!!

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