Saturday, 1 November 2014

Loving the Little Things

Joining in again with Morgana's Loving the Little Things linky, albeit a day later than usual!

Can you believe that we're now into November!!


I've not read very much this week tbh. Does the contract for my new job count? (any excuse to share my exciting news again!).


We all headed to Pitlochry last weekend to see The Enchanted Forest. It was captivating and we all thoroughly loved the experience. I took a few clips that I've put together into a wee vlog. Have a peek... my favourite part was the lightening.


My outfits haven't been terribly inspiring this week. I've been in my grey asos jeans in my down-time or my pink Boden dress at work! The littlest however has become obsessed with these gorgeous Flamenco shoes from Spain that we have borrowed from Rozzystar. Aren't they super cute!!

Sunglasses, fairy dress and hi-tops. As you do!


I haven't heard very much this week... I'm beginning to realise just how little it is that I listen to music. This definitely needs to be rectified. At the moment as I type this I'm listening to the noise of my neighbours lawnmowers and hedge trimmers! Everyone seems to be getting their gardens ready for winter today! Perhaps I should be sorting mine out!!


Last week I shared some photographs as I started to prepare for some festive baking, well here is the end result - my Christmas mini cake!

And lastly...

It's my sister's birthday tomorrow so we all want to say a big Happy Birthday to Auntie Ali. She's been whisked off on a surprise trip to London by her boyfriend so I hope they're having an amazing time. 



  1. Congratulations on your new job! I love that little Christmas cake.

  2. LOVED watching your Enchanted Forest video! We went there last year, so it brought back a lot of lovely memories. Your mini Christmas cakes are so cute, I really need to start getting organised! xx


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