Thursday, 11 September 2014

{Shopping for Tall Girls}

I'm fairly tall for a girl... I measure up at just under 6 foot. With my heels on I can be 6'2" or more! I love my height and I think it's possibly one of my best features.

Growing up I used to find it difficult to get trousers that were long enough, or tops that were long enough in the body and sleeves. Throughout Uni I lived in Topshop Tall jeans and I had a few pieces from Long Tall Sally. There really wasn't much of a selection though. Some shops have longer lengths, but they're just not long enough. Examples I can think of are Marks & Spencer and Oasis. However, there are a number of retailers now that in addition to their long and longer range(s) they also have tall selections - Topshop  Next (online only though, not in-store) and Dorothy Perkins are examples. Some shops don't have different lengths but their inside legs tend to be on the longer side anyway, such as Zara and Mango, and this works well for me but only if I'm looking for trousers to wear with flat shoes. And of course Long Tall Sally still has boutiques across the country.

What's annoying is when I buy a piece of clothing and it fits well, and then after a few washes it shrinks a bit and the length becomes too short. I'm thinking of a Ness dress that I bought and an M&S dress in particular. They're now just a bit too short and I feel uncomfortable wearing them as I feel I'm showing too much leg. The Ness dress I now wear as a tunic over jeans and I have to wear opaque tights with the M&S dress whereas I could wear it bare legged when it was new. I've also purchased jumpers where after a few washes the length of the body and sleeves shrink a little and they don't fit anymore. It's very frustrating!

Anyway, I discovered the other day that asos have a Tall section on their website, and the choice and range of clothing is really good.

After managing to get bleach on my beloved grey skinny jeans (oops!), I decided enough was enough and it was time for a new pair.

I ordered these online from asos for next day delivery and they're perfect! The length is brilliant (36" inside leg), I love the colour and they're high waisted so they help suck in my tummy a bit!! I'm really happy. I'll definitely be purchasing again from asos in the future.

asos tall Ridley High Waist Ultra Skinny Jeans in Slick Grey with Ripped Knee, £32 {image source}

Taller ladies, where do you get your clothes from? 

Ta da!


  1. I have the same problem! I spend half my life in skirts, the other half in Next XLong jeans/trousers (which you can only order online, grrr). I'll need to give ASOS a look! x

  2. Thank you for this useful information. I have two daughters over six feet tall. It is very hard you get clothes to handle their long long legs.


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