Friday, 19 September 2014

{Love The Little Things}

Joining in yet again with Morgana's #littleloves feature...



I've not really read much this week; I've been very busy with work, school runs and play dates (for the kids, not me!). We did have yesterday off as my son's school was being used as a polling station for the independence referendum. The two of us had a rare morning to ourselves as the littlest was at nursery. We had a mooch about the shops, went to the library to choose some new stories and then home to draw and craft. I'm considering getting a kitten, and so we picked some story books all about cats. 


This week I watched Great British Bake Off for the first time, and I'll be tuning in again. I rarely watch live TV, instead preferring to watch movies and box sets on Netflix. But this has encouraged me to start watching other programmes too. I used to watch cooking shows loads when I had Sky TV in the old house. The littlest and I watched a little of Barefoot Contessa which I stumbled upon a Freeview channel and we both enjoyed it. 


I was up in Aboyne for my cousin's wedding at the weekend, and I wore my Karen Millen dress again. I managed to just squeeze into it with the help of my Spanx! I'm a stone heavier than the last time I wore it! :-/

I think R looks a bit like Jude Law in this photo, but it may just be me...


The sound of leaves crunching underfoot. Yes, autumn is well and truly here! I absolutely love autumn and I am already looking forward to snuggling on the sofa with hot chocolate in hand, fairy lights on and candles lit. Bliss!!


The littlest and I made Banana and Chocolate Chip muffins this week. The recipe is here.

Yum... this is why I'm finding it so difficult to lose weight!

and Lastly...

You may be wondering what my thoughts are on the referendum. I did vote, and I'm pleased that we live in a country that allows us to vote and have a say in such decisions. There have been so many people engaged in the referendum, on both sides of the fence. The votes were counted during the night and it was announced this morning that Scotland voted 'No' to independence. What we need to do now is move forward and build a better UK.


  1. Oh my, the muffins look delicious! And you look gorgeous in your wedding outfit, hope you had a lovely time! Xx #littleloves

  2. Your R does look like Jude Law in that photo! Funnily enough I made some chocolate & banana muffins this afternoon too! They are yum! What is this 'spanx' and where can I get some? ;-) Have a great weekend my love Xx #littleloves

  3. You look stunning in your outfit. Such a fabulous photo and I love the way R's cravat ties in. That's a photo to frame. Just gorgeous.

  4. Gorgeous photo of you both and the muffins look delicious. Have a great week! x

  5. That dress is gorgeous...I want those muffins! (Oh that sounds a little bit wrong!) Glad that indy ref is over, although signs still up everywhere. xx

  6. Gorgeous photo of you and R - your dress is lovely.
    Yum to those muffins! I love baking but end up eating everything I make, which does not help me lose any weight. These might prove hard to resist trying out though!
    Have a lovely week xx


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