Sunday, 31 August 2014


At the Foodies Festival in Edinburgh the other weekend, R & I signed up to Gousto

You choose the recipes (3 out of a selection of 10); they do the shopping and measure everything out; they deliver it for free and then you cook & enjoy the food using the recipe cards that come with the box.

Our first box arrived on Friday, and along with the food there's a reusable jute shopper and a ring binder to store your recipe cards. I've been extremely impressed with the service thus far. I had emailed a few questions about the delivery of my box and the responses from the team were very quick and helpful.

The first meal we chose to cook of the three recipes we selected was the Posh Burgers. They are served with rosemary chips, homemade tomato sauce, caramelised onions and basil oil. All of the ingredients came with the Gousto box aside from the olive oil, salt, pepper and sugar.

The kids and I loved our first dinner. It was great to get them involved in the preparation of the food too; the littlest and I followed the recipe card together to make the various components of the meal before we sat down as a family to enjoy it. And enjoy it we did!! Apparently it was the best dinner ever!

The goods that were sent were of a really good quality and it was all packaged in such a way that it could be left outside for a few hours if you missed your delivery (at the moment they can only offer slots that are 8am - 6pm).

The other meals we have this week in our box are turkey meatballs in coconut laksa and a spiced chicken mujaddara with lentils.

What I like about the service is that there is no commitment, no fee and no lock-in. So I've received my first box but put my account on hold whilst I trial it. I can then decide when and if I want to rejoin. It's also encouraging me to get creative in my kitchen. I've been a bit rubbish lately at cooking from scratch. One other great thing about the box is that the herbs and spices come in the correct quantities which is ideal for me with my teeny tiny kitchen and lack of storage space.

There are four types of weekly box available (correct at time of publishing from Gousto website here):

Meat box for 2 people, £34.99 per week
Meat box for 4 people, £49.99 per week
Veggie box for 2 people, £33.99 per week
Veggie box for 4 people, £47.99 per week

If you'd like to give it a try, you can use the code SARAH10366 for £20 off your first order.

This is not a sponsored post, it was genuinely something I wanted to try for myself and I purchased my first box myself. However, all customers are rewarded £15 off their next box for each friend that signs up. So thank you very much if you do give it a go as I'll get a discount as well as you :-)

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  1. This is a brilliant idea, I've been trying to learn to cook for ages I'm definitely trying this!


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