Saturday, 15 March 2014

{Life Purpose - The Updated Answers}

The other week I wrote about my life purpose and shared the answers to some soul-searching questions that I had completed way back at the very start of 2012.

Here are my updated answers, two years on from the original ones!

1. If you didn't need to worry about money, what would you do all day long?

Right now I'd love to nap... all day! That's right, I'd absolutely love to have daytime naps. I think this week and last have been particularly tiresome. I'm currently having some kind of Crohn's flare and have had horrible symptoms for 4 days now. I also had 'dry socket' (not dry hole Ali, although it was highly amusing!) after my wisdom tooth extraction and I've been on antibiotics for a week (which may have caused previously mentioned Crohn's flare!).

2. What are your favourite activities? When you lose track of time?

I most certainly lose track of time when I'm writing on my blog (it's nearly 10pm as I write this and I've not even done the dishes yet...oops!). It's my escapism and I love it. 

I also love watching TV series and movies... favourites just now are Breaking Bad, Modern Family and I adored The Lego Movie.

3. Who do you love spending your time with the most? What qualities and values do these people possess? You can be sure these are qualities that are developing in you too.

I adore the quality time spent with my little ones (although I hate the squabbles, tantrums etc!) - they are so innocent and I love seeing their reaction to new people and places.

I love spending time with my boyfriend R. He's amazing and always makes me laugh. Like me, he truly values his family and sees them regularly. 

She was slightly annoyed she didn't feature in the previous list, but it's a given that I love spending time with my sister. I just wish that we lived nearer each other so that we could spend more time together.... one day perhaps. We've been getting better at co-ordinating our diaries well in advance so we have plenty weekends scheduled together. She's a popular girl!!

4. What makes you feel good about yourself?

At the moment I feel terrible (see answer to Question 1 above). However I do feel good when I've had my hair newly cut & coloured. I would also feel much better about myself if I could just lose 8 lbs. Must. Try. Harder.

5. What are your greatest strengths/qualities? If you are not sure, ask those closest to you that will give you an honest opinion.

Sticking with my original answer on this one... Honest; thoughtful; friendly; helpful; creative; organised

6. What has been your roadmap to date? What have been the major twists/turns/learning points? What have you learned that you could share with others?

Again, no change for number 6... Moving abroad; mum dying; diagnosed with Crohn's Disease; premature baby; marriage breakdown.

7. What message do you have to share? What makes you angry or gives you fire in your belly? What would you like to change?

I guess one thing I would like to change is people's perception with regard mental health issues. I don't think it's right that people are almost immediately offered anti-depressants by their GP and I believe that other options out there are more beneficial in the long run (such as counselling or exercise). Don't get me wrong, anti-depressants have their place and I took them for a 6 month period. But they don't work straight away and they can have nasty side effects. Life is supposed to have ups and downs, I think that we need to learn better coping strategies for dealing with situations when things don't necessarily go to plan. (Hope my ramblings make sense!)

8. What do you value most in life, what is important to you?

Cliche I know, but it would still have to be Family & Friends; Health and Happiness

9. Who is your biggest inspiration? What do they do or what message do they share that you strongly admire?

I saw a personal trainer called Maria Righetti (Fit 2gether) for 9 months or thereabouts in 2011-2012. She is a highly inspirational woman. Not only did Maria help me lose 3.5 stone, she helped me through a difficult time in my life and was a great listener and source of advice. She set up the charity Michael's Movers, raising money for Parkinson's as her husband Michael was diagnosed with the disease when he was aged just 30 years old, and has been honoured for her services with a BEM. 

10. Fast forward to the future, you are on your death bed and reflecting on your life. What have been the most important things that you have accomplished and achieved? What have been the most important relationships? What is your biggest priority?

There was an article in The Guardian newspaper in 2012 called 'Top five regrets of the dying'. I read this every few months because I think it helps put things into perspective... life is short. I know this because my mum died when she was just 51. The article always brings a tear to my eye, but I would like to think that I learn from it. The top regret was 'I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me'... I think it was expected that I'd stay with my husband. But I've had the courage to pursue the divorce. I couldn't have stayed in that relationship, even though we have two beautiful children together. The second regret is 'I wish I hadn't worked so hard'... this is always at the forefront of my mind. My mum worked part-time and was there for me and my sister when we were growing up. I want to be able to do that for my children. As such I've chosen to work part-time hours to allow me to spend as much time with them as possible. I probably have sacrificed my career for the children, but I'm glad that I have. They're not going to be little for long! Anyway, I do recommend that you go and read the article. I found it really insightful.

When it comes to the end of my life, I think my priority with most definitely be my family. As per my 35 at 35 list, I hope that I will be genuinely happy, have fallen in love again and forgiven.


  1. I love this, I did it after your last post, I can't answer number 5 - Scottish thing I think. My answers are soooo shallow, on the whole.
    Oh I missed the last one, off to navel gaze.

    1. I found it really useful taking some time to reflect. I might try and revisit these on a yearly basis :-)

  2. Oh and I lost 52 lbs or so, I know how hard it is to keep it off, it's a life long battle.


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