Saturday, 1 March 2014

{ask me anything...}

Kate over at Kate on Thin Ice has tagged me in a meme. Basically I've 11 questions to answer, so here goes...

1. Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?
I'm happiest when I'm snuggled up in my bed!! 
That said, I don't mind being outdoors and I do think fresh air is good for the soul. It's all about having the right gear, especially seeing as Glasgow is wet most of the time! I recently invested in a pair of North Face boots (although my feet got soaking in the rain, which isn't ideal...I was under the impression they were water resistant!). I also have a fab North Face parka which is super cosy & I love it!
Roll on Spring... It was sunny today & boy did it lift my mood!

2. Housework – love or loathe?
Loathe! I had a cleaner in my old house - I'd much rather pay someone to clean so I could spend more time with the kids doing arts & crafts, baking etc.
Now I can't afford a cleaner but my house is much smaller so it's more manageable anyway... 1 bathroom instead of 4!
It's tidy, most of the time, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's clean :-/ Again, we'd rather be jumping on the trampoline instead of running around with the Hoover!
I had devised a cleaning schedule but haven't actually stuck to it as yet!!!

3. What item would you love to find for a £1 in the charity shop?
The massive gem necklace that was in the movie Titanic... that would solve all my money worries!!

4. Who inspires you?
My children

5. What song or piece of music cheers you up?
At the moment it's song Trumpets by Jason Derulo. Makes me smile every time I hear it on the radio! I also really like Storm Queen, Look Right Through. 
I also love old school classics from the 90s :)
It's well documented that my taste in music is shocking!!

6. Which country would you most like to visit?
Australia and Japan, and they're on my list.

7. What makes you a good enough mum?
I love my children from the bottom of my heart. They think I'm a good mum, and a cool one too! (Although the eldest is going through a phase where he is saying he hates me which isn't so nice!). I'm an active parent... and I think that's what makes me a good enough mum. I get involved in everything that they do & we spend quality time together every day that they're with me.

8. What is the best advice you ever received?
Buy a good mattress (advice from my parents). My bed is from Robinsons Beds in Shawlands and it has been the best investment ever, seriously! Robinsons Beds are a local family business (one of the reasons I chose a bed from them) and they manufacture the beds and mattresses at their factory in Shawlands. It's important to look after your back... It's what keeps us standing!! I go to the dentist every 6 months, but what good is a full set of teeth (minus three of my wisdom teeth!!) if you end up crippled with back problems (advice from Perth Mummy). I try and see my chiropractor every 6 months too & what a difference! I could hardly walk in the lead up to my daughters birth & still struggled after she was born. One session (yes, just the one!) at the chiropractor sorted me right out! I swear by it.
I love my bed!
9. What would make you give up blogging?
Tough one. I certainly don't want to give up blogging. I love my blog & it's my creative outlet. I think the only thing that would make me give up would be if there was some kind of threat on our safety or the like.

10. Which celebrity do you wish could disappear from our television screens?
I rarely watch television, choosing instead to watch films and TV series on Netflix. I also don't read newspapers and rarely read gossip magazines (I tend to catch up on celeb news at the hairdresser!!). Can't think of anyone I'd want to disappear!

11. You have a magic lamp with 3 wishes that can come true. What are those wishes?
To be healthy
To be happy
To be loved

I think I'm supposed to come up with another 11 questions and tag 11 other bloggers, but I'm leaving it open... if you wish to join in then please do, just use the same questions above! (In my defence, I'm feeling rotten - I have dry socket following a wisdom tooth removal. I'm in pain and am on antibiotics. I just want to go to bed!!).

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