Friday, 13 September 2013

{Cafe Ceramico}

Last weekend the kids and I headed to Cafe Ceramico (24 Albion Way, East Kilbride) to check it out. I'd been before, but that was when I just had one small baby in tow and it was to get some handprints done. This time I was hoping that both my toddlers could create a masterpiece for taking home :-)

We arrived at 10.30am for it opening, and we were the only ones there. Ideal! The kids had a play in the small soft play area (there's a ball pit and a platform to climb up onto) whilst I sat observing with a cup of tea. We then chose our pottery shapes - eldest picking a car and the littlest a cat (£8 each) - before being settled at the table by one of the staff. We chose to use the acrylic paints which meant we could take our creations home the same day. The kids got help to put on their aprons, were instructed how to wash their brush in between the different colours and were then let loose.

A group of 5 year olds arrived for a birthday party shortly after we started painting, and my son ended up joining them for lunch (mortified to say the least!), but it kept him occupied. Otherwise I don't think we'd have stayed for as long as we did. I think we left around 1pm.

Whilst my son was off enjoying his birthday tea (!!) the littlest and I had a bite to eat ourselves. The food was alright - I had a cheese & Branston toastie and my daughter had a ham sandwich with crisps and juice.

The staff were lovely and the kids had a ball. They were delighted with their pieces that they took home with them and both proudly picked a spot to display them in the house.

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