Tuesday, 4 June 2013

{Summer Wardrobe}

The sun is here!!!

Next week I'm going on my summer holiday... we're staying in Scotland so I'm really hoping that the sun stays!!

With the appearance of some sun last week I really struggled to find something appropriate to wear for a casual day with the kids... I don't own a pair of shorts (other than my running ones) and I don't even have a casual skirt (just formal ones for work).

Anyway, here's my summer wish list (the last ''fashion wants" post I did was in Sept last year, so it's about time I did another!)

My sunglasses are now redundant thanks to some little kiddies who have managed to scratch the lenses. Thankfully they weren't expensive ones. Top of my wish list are these Tom Ford ones from Specsdirect2u... aren't they gorgeous!

Next up is this denim dress from Limited Collection at Marks & Spencer. I've spotted this on billboards across Glasgow and really love it. Not sure if it might be a little short for me to wear sans tights, but I can always try it on. (I have £50 of M&S vouchers to spend which I got with my points from my credit card!)

Or there is a slightly longer denim shirt dress at Boden which comes in regular and longer lengths:

I'm not sure that I could pull off a pair of hot pants, but if the weather continues like this then a pair of shorts are going to be needed. I reckon that I need to find a pair of longer shorts, such as these ones from ASOS:

Following the success that was my new maxi dress I'm thinking I should perhaps invest in a maxi skirt... Bex over at The Olive Dragonfly is the queen of maxi skirts so perhaps she could help me out with a few suggestions, or if I had the time I could make one like Lauren over at Living in a Boxx.

I love this jersey maxi skirt from Boden, but it's all sold out :-(

What are the key pieces in your summer wardrobe?? I need some tips & suggestions please! 


  1. Definitely get the long shorts and make a maxi! It's so easy!!

  2. I had a slight panic when the sun came out, as I don't have a summer wardrobe. I ordered some long shorts by Boden from Ebay and wore them this weekend. Short shorts will never be in my collection, but I do like the longer styles now I've braved them! I haven't quite had the guts to try a maxi dress/skirt...I have a feeling I'll look a bit ridiculous in one.


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