Saturday, 2 March 2013

{Things I'm Loving Right Now}

Glasgow Mummy

Here's a quick lowdown on the things I'm loving right now...


I've always been a fan of stationery, crafting and pretty things! I've a few boxes of craft stuff that are in my home office - beads, sequins, glitter, rubber stamps etc. As you can see from the photographs above my daughter has discovered my stash and would appear to have the same tendency for all things sparkly! Going to have to re-think my hiding spot!!

I'm also a big fan of sequin clothing still, despite the festive season having passed already and I managed to include a few sparkly items in my Project 333 list.


This morning the kids and I hit Dobbie's Garden Centre. We had a spot of lunch, browsed the pet section, had a walk round all the sheds and wooden summer houses and came away with a few purple flowers to plant. Here's our group effort:

The blue skies and sun has helped immensely of course!

View from the trampoline the other afternoon - I was lying down!!


As always, cake, chocolate and all things sugary are a bit hit with me! I was lucky enough to review a Baker Days cake this week and I'm also offering a reader to try it for free too. Check out the giveaway here. I ended up baking a banana loaf the other night as I was craving cake so much! Really need to get this addiction under control... if anyone wants me to review hypnotherapy or something then please give me a shout - I think I need some drastic intervention!


I'm not really a fan of flowers... I can never get them to look nice in the vase, they're such a faff and then they never last very long. However, with my selling house and having photographs taken by the agent this week - I bought some fresh flowers to fill the house... and I have to say I'm rather taken with them. They're such pretty colours - make the place look a bit brighter and happier (even if it's just for a week!).

So tell me, what are you loving right now?

By the way... I don't want you to think that I'm giving a false impression of how things are right now. Yes, I have great days - the kids and I bake, craft, potter about in the garden, meet friends for coffee, watch Disney... then I have my days without them and when I'm not keeping myself busy I end up feeling sad. I'm also stressed, tired, fed up at times, bored of the same routine... Yes, it's getting easier - but the kids are still hard work, and it's tough. Last night my son was awake from about 2-5am and I have absolutely no reason why. Needless to say I didn't have a good sleep and now I'm feeling it. Neither of them nap during the day... so the days are looooong! That's 7.20pm according to my clock and they're both in bed fast asleep. Time for this mummy to have a well deserved rest and perhaps a small glass of wine (I'm already in my pyjamas - rock n'roll for a Saturday night!!).  


  1. Love your blog & its honesty....your Saturday nights sound like mine every week lol!

  2. Hello!

    We sold our flat last summer, and uncharacteristically spent a bit of money on fresh flowers for the selling brochure and for when we had viewers. I reckon they add a lot of freshness, a little smile and some colour to a house - for not a huge amount of money!

    I've now set aside a bit of money each week to keep our kitchen window flowered up - I wouldn't go back to a flowerless house now!

    Good luck with the move - I know what a stresser it can be!

    mammasaver x

  3. Awe how cute is she in those photos!


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