Friday, 15 March 2013

{Declutter: Kitchen}

As part of my ongoing decluttering and living with less project, I tackled my kitchen drawers and cupboards...

So what are my kitchen essentials? What can stay & what can go?

The essentials

My trusty Sabatier knives that were a wedding gift are getting a bit old looking - perhaps I've not looked after them as well as I should have. If I could, I'd buy from this range - these Kasumi knives are manufactured in Japan no less and have a great reputation. Perhaps a new home gift...hint, hint!

Another essential is my Kitchen Aid - a 30th birthday gift from my husband. I love it!

Unfortunately my frying pan is also getting old & no longer non-stick. Perhaps time to invest in a new one, especially with my new weekend pancake routine and omelette skills!! I'd like this Mauviel one please ;-)

When I'm looking to whisk or blitz something quickly without using my Kitchen Aid or Magimix, I have a Braun hand blender that I couldn't live without. It's lasted well and I'd definitely recommend it. I don't use all the attachments though, so could probably have managed with a cheaper version.

One of my other essentials is a set of measuring spoons which were a gift from Bex at Olive Dragonfly. They're really handy for properly measuring teaspoons and tablespoons of this and that. I use them frequently.

A few other additional little items are my silicon spatula, digital thermometer (useful for when cooking meat) and cake decorating stuff (a few shaped cutters, piping bags and nozzles).

Things I have but rarely, if ever, use

Honey drizzler (not sure why I thought I'd use this!!)
Garlic press (I'm lazy & buy garlic paste)
Tea strainer
Blow torch

Tell me, what are your kitchen essentials?


  1. I recently invested in a pestle and mortar and love it, I am trying to do alot more cooking now. Another essential is an ancient hand held food mixer of the 'press a button and the 2 mixer blades pop off' which use to be my Grannie's! I also have 2 pampered chef knives which stay sharp as their holders have a sharpner in them so I would be lost without these, and a new favourite is my big casserole dish, oh and my non stick frying pan which is one of the new Green pan range - my cupboards are overflowing though but I never chuck anything out as at some point I always seem to need it, even if its only once a year!

  2. Oooh - I forgot about my Pampered Chef baking stone. I used it tonight to cook garlic bread on. It's brilliant. I've been very impressed with the Pampered Chef products. I'll need to check out that range of pans - not heard of them before. Definitely need a new frying pan...think it will be a new home gift to myself! Thanks for comment :-)

  3. You forgot to mention how cute the spoons are (they're matryoshka dolls)! ;) I'm so glad you've found them useful and part of your essential list :) x


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