Saturday, 19 January 2013

{An apple a day}

It's not easy to get my kids to eat the recommended 5 portions a day of fruit & veg. We do eat lots of fruit (bananas, grapes, clementines, berries and the occasional kiwi) but vegetables less so (the odd bowl of soup, occasional spoonful of mashed potato or a mouthful of broccoli or carrot).

One of the products my littlest loves are the Ella's Kitchen smoothie pouches - smoothies are an easy way to get some fruit into their tummies! I'm not a fan of the tubes of smoothie and yoghurt that you can get (the long plastic sachets where you have to rip off a corner, know the ones I mean?), but the more structured pouches are great - less mess is made! We've always been a fan of Ella's Kitchen and I've been using their products since my eldest was weaned, and with a demanding 20 month old I didn't have the time or energy to make purees for my littlest and she was weaned using the Ella's Kitchen range. I love the company ethos and sadly enough I'm a fan of their packaging - all the bright colours, the cute font and the little fruit & vegetable drawings! (If you click on the link for the Ella's Kitchen site - beware, there is music, which is loud if you have your sound right up like me - the kids and I got a fright!!).

Anyway, I wanted to share with you this gift we received at Christmas. It's a magnetic reward chart by Do Well  to record your 5 a day, and it was given to us by my friend who is a teacher. Both my toddlers have been intrigued by the chart - we've been discussing all the different fruit & vegetables and picking out the ones that we've eaten that day to stick on the plate. (There is also a generic Do Well magnetic reward chart that a friend of mine has, and it seems to be really good also.)

How do you encourage your little ones to get their 5 portions of fruit & veg each day?

We received a couple of the Ella's Kitchen smoothie pouches to review as part of this blog post. It's the red one we always buy and we were sent one of each of the other flavours to try.


  1. Thankfully my wee man loves his fruit and veg. I have actually watched him eat salad quite happily which was amazing to me...after sucking all the olive oil off first of course! I hope that your chart proves successful.

    1. Eating salad - wow!! I was impressed with my littlest this evening eating smoked salmon. Eldest is rather fussy :-/


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