Saturday, 3 December 2011

{Things I'm Loving Right Now}

Elf on the Shelf - I stumbled across this American Christmas tradition on Pinterest and I straight away purchased a cheeky little elf from Amazon for my little ones. I think it's such a great idea and I'm hoping it becomes an annual family tradition for us each festive season {image source}

The Curiosity Project - I received my Curiosity Box on the 1st of December and it made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside... it was so nice to receive a box of treats from a stranger. I'm yet to post my box but I'm nearly ready and will be shipping it to a lucky curious person this week :-) {image source}

Mince pies - another reason I love Christmas!! I  have had 10, yes you read correctly...ten, mince pies in the last 2 days. Oh dear! Not great for the healthy eating but boy did I enjoy them all!! {image source}

Snail Mail - Sort of related to both the Curiosity Project and Christmas... I love sending and receiving mail the old fashioned way! This time of year is great as I've got my Christmas cards to send out (we do a photo card each year of the little ones, this is my first year with two to photograph!) and lots of gifts to post around the world {image source}

Interiors - I'm really enjoying the painting and decorating that I've been doing and the transformations that are slowly taking place. The other day I bought this mirror online for my dining room and managed to save a lot of money by shopping around. I had spotted it in a local interior design shop and decided to see if I could find it online and I did. The first online retailer was £60 cheaper and then I stumbled across another supplier who had it in stock at £160 cheaper! {image source}

Fairy lights - I can't wait to get our Christmas tree up and start decorating. We plan to do this tomorrow and I'm already uber excited! I just adore fairy lights and the magical atmosphere they create. I've got lights for most rooms in the house!! {image source}

Pyjamas - I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair... comfortable but not frumpy, stylish but still cosy, long enough in the leg... I'm yet to find them but I do rather like this pair from Idlewild - I'll stick them onto my Christmas wish list {image source}


  1. I have yet to eat any mince pies this year! Usually I start picking them up as soon as they hit the shops around September, but this year I'm making my own. Pretty excited about that.
    I am also on a pyjama search. It's quite hard to find something comfy AND stylish, isn't it?
    I'm loving this positive post :D

  2. I agree about the pyjamas, they look nice.


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