Friday, 22 May 2015



// Watched

I seem to have been super busy this week and I haven't really watched much if I'm honest. I had a fab weekend spending quality time with the kiddies on my own... we enjoyed the Festival of Museums on Saturday and travelled around Glasgow on various vintage buses checking out the free museums which were running a variety of activities for this event. It was really good fun. I'm in the process of putting together a vlog with our antics and hopefully this will be up soon. One thing I really enjoy watching is my own vlogs... is that really sad? Particularly when the kids are with their dad it's nice to be able to choose a video and see their wee faces.

If you haven't already subscribed, then you can find Glasgow Mummy on YouTube here.

// Read

Must try harder with this category! All I seem to have been reading lately is nursery newsletters, credit card statements and lawyer bills!!

I was out for dinner on Tuesday night with some friends at Sugar Dumplin in Princes Square, Glasgow. The restaurant is a Caribbean BBQ & Bar and I loved the interior decor and the menu was also great (trying hard to think of things I've read!). There were plenty gluten-free options which was ideal for me. I had BBQ Jerk Chicken with green slaw and rice with peas washed down with a virgin apple mojito. Delish!

// Wore

I'm about to dash to the shops to pick up some walking boots. This weekend I'm kiddie-free so Rick & I are going to head into the countryside to do some hill walking. Keep an eye on my Instagram for updates!

// Made

We have done a little bit of crafting this week but nothing really exciting... a few paintings using straws and some Hama bead coasters. The littlest broke my son's coaster and he was devastated. I'm hoping to piece it back together for him!

// Heard

I'm still loving OMI Cheerleader. I know that I can't sing, but I enjoy dancing around and singing with the little this vlog where you can see what I mean about the singing...!!

// And lastly...

I have a giveaway running right now to win a bareMinerals palette. Do check out the competition here where you will find all the details for entering.

Have a great bank holiday weekend folks!

Sarah x


  1. Great round up. I love singing and being silly with the little ones too. I've just subscribed to your channel so will be having a good nosey later (you'll see me commenting). xxx Have a great Bank Holiday weekend #littleloves

    1. Aw thanks so much for subscribing. Hope you're having a lovely Bank Holiday x

  2. I know what you mean about watching your vlogs when you haven't got the kids. Elsa doesn't sleep over at her dad's house but if she did I would absolutely be watching clips and looking at photos until she came home!

    That Jerk Chicken looks AMAZING. Yum.

    Have a lovely weekend climbing hills!


    1. Thanks Charlotte. My legs still haven't recovered from our hill walk on Saturday! Hope you're having a good weekend x

  3. Lovely littleloves! I really must get into watching more vlogs, I'm going to head over to your channel now and make sure I'm subscribed.
    Enjoy the hill walking this weekend xxx

    1. Thanks Morgana. We had a fab weekend; can't believe it's work tomorrow already! Hope you have a fantastic holiday x

  4. I will forever think of you when I hear that song now! Defo let me know when you're next up and we can do something. I know munch misses her little buddy! X

    1. Super - I will do. Need to have a proper look at diary and plan out the next few months x

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend, and with a vintage bus thrown in to top it off :) have a fun weekend walking, hope you found some boots xx

    1. Hi Alice - yes, got some boots and thankfully no blisters! Hope you're having a good bank holiday x


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