Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Spiderman & the Glasgow Climbing Centre

At the weekend, we all headed to the Glasgow Climbing Centre for the first time to have a shot on the wall.

We started off at The Balcony Cafe where we had a bite to eat. The menu was sizeable, and there was plenty of choice. The kids went for toasties whilst Rick & I had nachos with haggis. Yum! Portion sizes were immense, perhaps not the best before going climbing! Tip for other newbies - climb first, then eat!

Anyway, if like us you haven't been before, the Glasgow Climbing Centre is a converted church on Paisley Road West (not far from Ibrox). The cafe is up at the top of a spiral staircase overlooking the climbing walls. The kids enjoyed watching all the participants as we ate.

We were met at the cafe by Ewan our instructor who then took the boys to get their harnesses on. I would have been keen to have a shot, but my daughter was too young to take part so I sat with her whilst the boys had a session. Next time, promise! (If you have little or no experience of climbing and would like to learn, then now is the time to do it - the introduction to climbing course is discounted this month and next to just £35 for the 2 x 3 hour sessions. It's usually £70).

Ewan was a really good teacher - very knowledgeable, gave clear instructions and made the session enjoyable for the boys. They even managed to play a few games too. He was great with my son, giving him plenty of encouragement.


The centre offer group instruction for kids as young as 4 years old, and clubs from kids from 7 years and up. My son was a little unsure to start with, but by the end of the session his confidence had improved and he had made progress in just under an hour. Rick made it to the top of the wall easily - show off! I'm not sure I'd have faired so well...

What I found very interesting is that the centre holds Rock Climbing Birthday Parties, and they can accommodate groups of up to 36. For the older children, aged 7 and up, the session lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes at a ratio of 6 participants per instructor. If you book via their website, the price is £90 for 6 children.

For the younger ones, aged 4 and up, the session is an hour with a ratio of 4 per instructor. Parents are requested to stay at the centre, but they can sneak off to the cafe for a coffee! If you book via their website, it's £45 for 4 children and the cafe can cater too (for an additional cost). Would be great for a superhero party!

Another thing I've noted is that you can abseil down the spire of the church, and the centre are also organising the Titan Crane Abseil on 22nd March this year... I'm thinking this could perhaps be my 'something crazy for charity' for my 35 at 35 list?? What do you think?

We received a complimentary lunch at The Balcony Cafe and a session on the walls in exchange for an honest review. As always opinions are our own.


  1. Looks like Spiderman had a great time, my son would love this too and even more so if he got to dress up as well :)

  2. I went rock climbing once when I was a teenager and absolutely loved it, I'd love to go again. This place looks great and lunch looks a lot better than I'd expect in somewhere like that x

  3. I must try to take the boys here it looks fab. x


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