Saturday, 17 January 2015

Review - FoodSaver

My main resolution or goal for 2015 is to get organised. A big part of this for me will be getting back into meal planning, shopping online & batch cooking meals for the freezer. So when I was asked if I wanted to review a FoodSaver I jumped at the chance.

The FoodSaver is a vacuum sealing system that sucks out the air from the bag, sealing in flavour and quality.

The FoodSaver Model: FFS002 has an integrated roll storage and it genuinely is so straightforward to use and easy to clean (the instructions state that it can be used by children aged 8 and over!).

We waste a lot of food and I'm hoping that this gadget will help us keep food longer as it won't perish as fast. I tend to find that food in my freezer gets 'freezer burn' and I can't seem to control the temperature in my fridge very well either, so using the FoodSaver will protect my groceries.

The other added benefit is the reseal function. This means that if I open a big bag of crisps I can reseal the bag before I make my way through the lot so it's great for controlling portion sizes for dieting. 

I thought it would be easier to show you the FoodSaver in use, so here's a little vlog for you. I ended up demonstrating the functionality of the machine by marinading some chicken in a green curry paste. You can marinade in minutes rather than overnight, another huge plus point. As an aside - I do totally realise that you don't need to marinade chicken for a Thai Green Curry but it just happened to be what we were cooking for dinner and it was a good way to show you the FoodSaver in action!

The FoodSaver FFS002 costs £74.99 on Amazon with free delivery, and it comes with 10 bags and a 3m roll plus an accessory hose (for use with FoodSaver canisters). You can then buy replacement rolls, 2 x 5m for £17.80 on Amazon with free delivery. It may not be the cheapest gadget, but I think in the long run it will help me save pounds (& hopefully lose pounds in weight too!).

It's also not the smallest of machines, but it can be stored upright which takes up less space, and it's got a sleek design so it looks good on the counter-top.

I was sent a FoodSaver FFS002 to review. All opinions are honest and are my own.


  1. My review is up in a couple of days and it could save so much waste, great concept! x

  2. I love that you always giggle in your vlogs! You always make me laugh x

  3. Thank you for this as I didn't know how to work mine!

  4. First of all theBest Vacuum Sealer that a seal-a-meal gets to is not a true vacuum and I have found no scratches that have been made by the slides. The big thing is to keep the dirt off the holder to start with. Technically speaking when you cut the bag unless you are in a really bad environment. I figure that the amount of dust that you are letting in will not equal all the dust that it would normally encounter in a couple of days to a week. I spot to 200%, or more, and depending on the image so every bit helps. Plastic bags would be good but I don't like the static charge that normal plastic bags seem to generate.

  5. Hey its awesome. I am thinking to get one of them. So nice to get an idea about the food vacuum sealer. Thanks for this post.

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