Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Merumaya Facial

My friend Lorna is back after the success of her trip to Blythswood Square Hotel earlier this month; this time I sent her to John Lewis for a facial with Merumaya...

We all know the feeling when we have had a hard day at work, picked the kids up from nursery, get home to start the dinner/bath/bedtime routine but decide we will just have a facial instead. You don’t? No, neither do I. Facials, massages, manicures, general pampering, in fact anything that is relaxing in any way is a no go on an average weekday evening.

So I must admit I was a bit sceptical at the promise of a quick and easy DIY facial that can be done in between sterilising bottles and ironing babygros (who does that anyway?).

But I fought through the Buchanan Street crowds to be treated to a facial at John Lewis courtesy of new skincare brand Merumaya http://www.merumaya.com/. They call it recession proof pampering – a practical DIY facial that you can do at home and all you need is your hands (no faffing about with cotton wool, cucumbers and facecloths). The high performing products prevent and perfect signs of skin ageing and are only sold through John Lewis and QVC, making them pretty exclusive. They were created by Maleka Dattu who has a fascinating story to tell about her launching her dream brand following a natural pregnancy at the age of 48 after five miscarriages.

So my treatment wasn’t the typical Tuesday night in with screaming babies and Waybuloo but I tried to imagine myself following the skincare routine at home (just without the lovely décolletage and hand massage that Mary gave at the same time!).

I’m not sure I would be dedicated enough to use the full range as regularly as they recommend but some products only need to be used once a week (skin peel and mask) and I committed to banishing my daily facial wipes (they are VERY bad for your skin seemingly, but oh so convenient) instead replacing with the quick and easy melting cleansing balm which retails at a reasonable £14.50 for 100ml.

All in all I tested the eye make up remover, cleansing balm, treatment toner, skin brightening peel, radiance mask, serum, day moisturiser and eye cream. My skin felt fantastic, bright and glowing afterwards and my hubby said I looked about 16! This however then developed into a debate about whether I should actually wear make up or not, and although I appreciate his kind compliments I don’t see me going outside anytime soon without my trusted mascara and concealer!

Look at Lorna's gorgeous skin...zero make-up people!! I'm very jealous! My chin is a spotty mess :-/

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