Wednesday, 30 July 2014

{Find Three Good Things in Each Day, #1}

My cousin tagged me on Facebook for 'Five Days with Three Positives". I thought this tied in quite nicely with one of my recent posts on Happiness. People who are grateful tend to be happier and more fulfilled in life. Gratitude is known to be good for us, but we often take good things in our lives for granted. The key with this exercise is to consciously think about what you are grateful for each day, and the important part is to write them down (even in a notebook if you aren't keen on sharing on social media). This will allow you to look back on what you've written and you can remember how you felt and spot any recurring themes. The idea is that you will then start to appreciate the good things more as they happen :-)

So here are my three positives for Day 1...

1. I got the kids back today from their dad and they're with me now until Monday morning.

2. The pressure washer I ordered arrived today and my neighbour accepted the delivery for me so I don't need to traipse to a depot. Thanks also to Laura and Hannah for the gift vouchers.

3. There were leftover meringues from dessert the other night so I had a yummy treat with my cup of tea this evening!

What were your positive things today?

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