Saturday, 10 May 2014

{35 at 35 - talk to somebody famous, check!}

Regular readers will know already about my 35 at 35 list, but for my new followers (hi there *waves*) let me fill you in... When I turned 30 back in January 2012 I set myself a target... 35 items for me to complete by the time I turn 35. The other week when the littlest and I met Myleene Klass at the Mothercare St Enoch Centre launch I was able to check off another item, number 19 "talk to somebody famous".

On the subway on our way into town

Taking a selfie on the subway!!

Myleene was so friendly and absolutely beautiful - as you can see from the pics. She's stunning!

Despite the fact that things were running a little later than schedule (her little helper Jessica decided pulling silly faces was better than smiling for the camera!), Myleene and I chatted for a good while about single parenting, achieving a good work/life balance and Myleene's BabyK range that's now in its 12th season in store at Mothercare.

I asked Myleene what would be her advice to any new mums, and her response was concise:

"mama knows best"

We shared experiences about having the confidence to trust your own instinct and Myleene explained that all grown-ups are different and want different things, which is also applicable for children - it can't be expected for any two to behave/want the same. Makes perfect sense to me!  

Myleene said for her the key to a good work/life balance is prioritisation and being organised, and I couldn't agree more. What I didn't realise was that Myleene did the nursery/school run for her two daughters herself - it's reassuring to hear that a hugely successful single working parent can manage it all.

Myleene complimented the littlest's impeccable behaviour - proud mummy moment for me!

And here we are... let's get the 35 at 35 list updated. What to tick off next??


  1. Well done, and it's got me thinking if I should do a list of 60 things to do before I get to 60!

    Over from the single parent round up x

  2. ahh well done you, i love the idea of this list!!!! I turn 30 this year, so might have to think of a few things to do too... not sure i could handle 35 things though!


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