Wednesday, 1 January 2014

{#JanuaryJoy - make some resolutions}

Last year I took part in Florence Find's January Joy, and this year Rebecca has put together another set of prompts that look really interesting:

I'm hoping to take part with all of these, we'll see how I go!

First up is 'make some resolutions'. Some of the bloggers I follow have decided against resolutions this year. Kate over at Kate on Thin Ice has decided upon revolutions instead. And Alice over at More than Toast has decided not to look at ways to change, but instead look at the things she achieved last year in her post Resolution Schmesolution.

I agree. The problem with resolutions is they rarely last. I didn't manage to stick with the 5 resolutions I made last year. And they were pretty straightforward ones too!

I stumbled across this on Pinterest today, and it pretty much sums up what my thoughts are as I enter into 2014...

I also have my 35 at 35 list to work on, which will give me some focus. I'm determined to finish it. I turn 32 in a fortnight, so I have 3 years left to get the rest of the items ticked off...

I can do this! {image source}

P.S. If like me you are trying to be more organised, there is a 50% sale at K Two until midnight tonight. I swear by their family organisers - they're brilliant and this is the third year that I'll be using their products. I don't have the time to make a calendar (prompt for Jan 6!), and instead I'll be using this!


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